Sovevos speech bubble logoSovevos™ is a Network of Social Networks.

The Startup Nation comes to Israellycool.

For our first post about Sovevos see here: Explaining Sovevos: A Network Of Social Networks

Israellycool is working behind the scenes with a team of technical visionaries to develop something exciting. It’s aimed, first, at the blogging world, but it will have wider implications.

We will be looking for interested Israellycool users to help us develop and test this new platform and, later, hope that some of Israellycool’s blogging friends and sites who exchange links with us will help us spread.

What is Sovevos for Users?

For commenters, sharers and consumers of published websites, Sovevos is the genesis of a brand new social network. It’s a social network built around your favourite site. It isn’t only for one site, however, it’s designed to spread across the net. Each time a new Sovevos social network is built, it will find and link up with all the others.

What is Sovevos for Publishers?

Sovevos is a way of giving every publisher their own, fully functioning social network. From publishing giants like the New York Times, through leading independent blogs like Israellycool, and to the smallest tumblr blog written only for the author’s mother: all can run their own social network. Behind the screens it’s set to become the way for publishers to take back ownership of, and their relationship with, their most engaged visitors: the ones driven to share and comment on what they see.

Why are we doing this?

Sovevos is getting set for some major work. We are currently gathering together a team of people to work on it and are actively discussing financing the next phase of development. We have a long list of features and requirements for Sovevos: we have a strategy to build it and to gain the market share it will need to make it a viable business.

Putting Sovevos in front of real people, like the loyal audience of Israellycool, and other blogs, is a key part of our expansion and development strategy.

If you are interested in getting involved with Sovevos, either as an investor, a developer, a web site owner or in any other way, please feel free to contact me.