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BDS Fail of the Day

I think this screen grab from this video of a bunch of BDS-holes says it all

Hey BDS Nothingburgers,Would You Like Fries With This BDS Fail?

McDonald’s is acquiring Israeli startup Dynamic Yield for a reported £300million dollars (£227million) after a trial in some US restaurants last year

Some Delicious BDS Fails

Not a good day for the BDS-holes

BDS Fail of the Day: Palestine Solidarity Campaign Video Contest

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign is running an "Apartheid Off Campus" aka Let's Demonize Israel Video contest

WATCH: BDS Fail By Rashida Tlaib & Friends

Some more BDS hypocrites

BDS Fail of the Day: Damn Juice Edition

So it seems the Palestinian Ministry of Labor has a juice problem

BDS Fail: BDS-Hole Gushes About Israeli Healthcare

"I was able to get prescription drugs that typically cost three, four hundred dollars, for like ten bucks!"

BDS Fail: The Palestinian Mayor Moonlighting As Sales Rep For Israeli Company

The mayor of Beit Jala, near Bethlehem, admitted that he also works as a sales representative for Tnuva

BDS Fail: Toronto Palestine Film Festival Showing Israeli Films!

TPFF has defied BDS, showing 5 films from Israel

Huge BDS Fail: Turkish Cyclist Joins Israeli Team

You read that correctly

WATCH: Delicious BDS Fails

Yesterday's BDS fail at the TLV in LDN festival inspired me to think about some other great BDS fails of the past

BDS Fail of the Day: Resistance (to Chocolate) is Futile Edition

Israeli chef Shaul Ben Aderet handing out free desserts to anti-Israel protesters

Spectacular BDS Fail Kicks Off in London

London Tel Aviv Festival (TLV in LDN)


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