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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Linda Sarsour’s Takeaway From 9/11…And Other Disturbing Facts

My previous post on Sarsour was just the tip of the iceberg

Ali Abunimah Exploits 911 To Try Drum Up Anti-Israel Sentiment

More dishonesty from the Abumination

September 11: Thirteen Years On

Where has the time gone?

Anjem Choudary Makes 9-11 Joke

The face of evil

September 11: Twelve Years On

Never forget. Never surrender.

Twin Towers, America Cowers

Yesterday, as Americans and the free world commemorated 9-11, Egyptian protesters partied their own way. And the US cowered to them.

CNN’s 911 Commemoration


September 11: Eleven Years On

What were you doing at the time?

Board Of These Deputies

Does the official voice of British Jewry have anything better to do than insult the EDL?

UK Muslims Commemorate 9/11

In their own way

September 11: Ten Years On

The day the world stood still.
Sept 11 Anniversary

Nine Years On

G-d bless America and the free world. Now let's make sure it stays that way.

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