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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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Israel Set To Boot Out Al Jazeera

Here's hoping we do.

Al Jazeera Fights To Stay Open In Israel, Denying Accusations Of Bias & Incitement

Al Jizz is nothing more than a propaganda outfit that has no business masquerading as a legitimate news outlet

Al Jazeera Tweets Antisemitic Meme

So this happened

AJ+ Latest Libel Against Israel

A new water libel

WATCH: Israel Critics And Haters Engaging In Extreme Mental Gymnastics

A great example of the kind of mental gymnastics the anti-Israel side engages in to justify their position

Is The MailOnline In Hock With Alan Duncan On Anonymous Anti-Israel Op-Ed?

Why would The MailOnline publish an anonymous Op-Ed by a former government minister?

Al Jazeera’s Sting Against Israeli Embassy In London Reveals … Embassy Doing Its Job

The British media keep perpetuation antisemitism while hiding all positive stories about Israel.

Al Jazeera And The Worst Genocide Ever

In an Al Jizz report on Gazans protesting against UNRWA aid cuts, an inconvenient fact for Israel haters

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