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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Arab Media’s Latest Attempt To Demonize Israel Backfires

Where what they try to stress is NOT the real takeaway of this story

Al Jazeera Readers Rejoice Over Hurricane Irma

This is the level to which so many Muslims hate us

Al Jazeera Promotes Transparent Lies of Shirley Temper & Family

I have to ask again: when are we going to kick out Al Jazeera?

Al Jazeera Disables Comments After Getting Taste of Their Own Medicine

But don't worry. We still have a way to let them know how awful they are.

Another Reason to Boot Out Al Jazeera: They Love Their Blood Libels

Hardly a day goes by without reading about Al Jizz making a mockery of the notion of journalistic integrity and going out of their way to demonize Israel

Al Jazeera & The Little Attempted Lyncher

oOnce again, shame on Al Jazeera for this propaganda and glorying "resistance"

Al Jazeera Selects Antisemitic Child Abuser Manal Tamimi As “Palestinian Supermom”

Here's hoping we closed down their entire operation here for good.

Israel Set To Boot Out Al Jazeera

Here's hoping we do.

Al Jazeera Fights To Stay Open In Israel, Denying Accusations Of Bias & Incitement

Al Jizz is nothing more than a propaganda outfit that has no business masquerading as a legitimate news outlet

Al Jazeera Tweets Antisemitic Meme

So this happened

AJ+ Latest Libel Against Israel

A new water libel

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