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WATCH: When Making Aliyah Was Not Easy

Heroes existed back then and all of these people: the survivors and helpers who built Israel into what it is today.

What a 12 Year Old Shouldn’t Have to Overcome

Yes, I know - every time I write this, I annoy a whole bunch of American Jews

Dewy-Eyed Aliyah And Birthday Thoughts At 55

A new poll says fully one-third of American college students support BDS. Is your Jewish child safe?

Aliyah Diaries Part V: Change of Plans

One one door closes, another opens....

Israel’s Unsung Heroes

They're holding the free world on their shoulders

The Aliyah Diaries IV: The Game Plan

Two months left, and coming up with a game plan.

The Aliyah Diaries III: I Must Be Out of My Mind

Lex takes the next step on her Aliyah journey: the Nefesh B'Nefesh fair

WATCH: The New Immigrant

American rapper D. Black, who converted to Judaism and now goes by the name Nissim, just became an Israeli citizen

The Aliyah Diaries: Deciding to Take the Plunge

Alexandra is embarking on a new adventure
Israeli flag

Reader Post: Why Are You Still There?

Reader Leora says the real question is "Why would I leave?"

When Immigrants Are Welcomed

"Amazing feeling, wherever we go and say we have just made Aliyah, without fail there is always a warm welcome and Mazel Tov."

The Soft Underbelly Of Judaism And The Threat To European Jewry

A plea to the Jews of Europe to ignore the advice of their rabbis.
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