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Israeli flag

Reader Post: Why Are You Still There?

Reader Leora says the real question is "Why would I leave?"

When Immigrants Are Welcomed

"Amazing feeling, wherever we go and say we have just made Aliyah, without fail there is always a warm welcome and Mazel Tov."

The Soft Underbelly Of Judaism And The Threat To European Jewry

A plea to the Jews of Europe to ignore the advice of their rabbis.
Welcome Home Akiva Teddy Macleod Jennifer Tzivia Macleod

Welcome Home

One man's experience of Aliyah, in a book, Welcome Home.

Roseanne Barr To Make Aliyah?

Is she considering doing the unthinkable, and if so, why?

Reader Post: Ease Is Intimidating

Guest poster Talya writes about her Aliyah experience

Oh, Hey!

The Prodigal Shark Returns

Happy Anniversary To Me

In which I quietly remember coming home for the first time.

New Batch Of Ozraelis

Interesting story on some young Australians making aliyah to Israel

Best. Valentine’s Day Gift. Ever.

Nonegenarian Baltimore couple makes aliyah on Valentine's Day

Everything Old Is New Again

97-year-old Maria Bertha Holskon recently made aliyah from Argentina.
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