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Mainstream Media Not Reporting Brutal, Antisemitic Attack In France

Apparently not newsworthy enough

Is The ADL Being Islamophobic?

The ADL is describing a well known story as a “conspiracy theory”

Is The MailOnline In Hock With Alan Duncan On Anonymous Anti-Israel Op-Ed?

Why would The MailOnline publish an anonymous Op-Ed by a former government minister?

UK Government Report Scathing About Corbyn’s Labour Party

Analysis: ‘Zionist’ must not be used as term of abuse, says UK Parliament report

Reader Post: Surviving Oberlin

An Oberlin student speaks out against the antisemitism on campus

Is The US State Department Finally Catching On?

Or is this just a glitch?

Reporting Facebook Pages: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again

Getting Facebook to take down ugly, antisemitic pages requires numbers and persistence.

“The Other 98%” Ignores 2%

In The Other 98%'s vision of diverse America, Jews are missing.

Why Would Any Jew Want To Live In Hebron?

I did not really understand it myself until I looked up the Tomb of the Patriarchs on Google maps

WATCH: William P. Stiritz, Jewish Cereal Offender

You know how you open a bag of cereal and it's mostly air with a little cereal? That's our fault, too.

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