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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Where AP Makes a Melee Out of Shirley Temper Arrest Story

Naturally, they parrot the lie about her age. But that's not all.

AP’s Anti-Israel Report on Jerusalem Unintentionally Rebuts Major Argument of the Haters

As bad as this report is, AP have perhaps inadvertently rebutted one of the major arguments of the Israel haters

WATCH: Why Is The News Fake?

Here’s what I know about the way one critical news wire operates and why #FakeNews about Israel is part of its business model.

Flying Pig Alert: AP Comes Down Hard On Hamas

Bonus: Israel is not blamed

Time Of Israel Parrots The Foreign Media Line Again

Times of Israel, get with the program.

Legacy Media #FakeNews By Omission

Omitting to report pertinent events is just as #FakeNews as lying about what actually did happen.

Kay Wilson’s Story Makes Headlines At Huge Personal Cost

Israel is swamped with foreign journalists who all, with monotonous group think, avoid stories which don’t fit their ideological biases.

The Tall Tale Of The Teacher’s Tame Terrorist

In which Brian goes on a bit of a rant about just how bad modern journalism is.

Shocking Revelations About AP’s Collaboration With Nazi Regime

What do they reveal about AP's collaboration with Hamas?

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