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WATCH: Is Israel An Apartheid State?

Olga Meshoe, a South African whose family experienced actual apartheid, settles the question

Reader Post: The Concise Palestinian English Dictionary

The Palestinians have simply decided to redefine the English language in a way that casts them in a positive light

Photo Of The Day: Brutal Israeli Occupation Forces At Work

We’re still waiting for the BBC to publicise this picture.

Reader Post: BDS Is An Anti-Indigenous, Pro-Colonial Movement

Reader Binyamin with an important post about the true nature of BDS
image Israeli solider and Arab man and woman

Photo of the Day: Hanukkah Sweet Service

Jerusalem bakery BDS fail

Joe’s World: Freedom vs Justice

I acknowledge apartheid exists (in the "West Bank")

How To Read Ma’an

Ma'an publishes article using only anti-Israel buzzwords.
image Eid Al-Adha Al Quds

Photo of the Day: Holiday Time in Jerusalem

Muslims have arrived in Al-Quds for Eid al-Adha

Top 8 Images Anti-Israel Groups Need To Stop Using

These pictures would be quite effective if they didn't expose your gross ignorance of history.

Apartheid Fail Of The Day

An #ApartheidFail at a Tel Aviv train station...

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