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So You Still Want To Be A Peace Activist? Part 2

Part 2 in the series
Suarez, State of Terror extract

‘State of Terror’ by Tom Suarez is an Antisemitic Fraud

Some new research by David Collier

Jews and Arabs: Lost in Translation

Lex illustrates the major cultural differences that are preventing a just peace in honor of "Nakba Day"

The Arabs Who Aren’t Indigenous And Jews Who Are

The pull of being and living and breathing an indigenous life is very strong.

On Canada, Israel And Indigenous Peoples

Perhaps you can be more conscious of the fact that referring to Palestinians as “indigenous” lends a hand to their systematic campaign to rewrite Jewish history.

What Would Happen If They Won?

When choosing sides, if one ignores the moral and ethical considerations and chooses solely based on self-interest, which side should one choose?

Arabs Are Fighting The Wrong Fight

“the Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the Jews” - No, they’re not. #EndOfTheGreenLine

The Trouble With Israel: Not Enough Occupation

We needed to take this land for ourselves: recognise our indigenous status as guardians of Israel while applying Jewish fairness and equality to all.

WATCH: What A Difference A Day Makes

New pictures and video from today in Jerusalem.

Indigenous Status Matters: Here’s Why

Indigenous people stand and fight: colonisers run.

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