Saturday, May 28, 2016
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What Would Happen If They Won?

When choosing sides, if one ignores the moral and ethical considerations and chooses solely based on self-interest, which side should one choose?

Arabs Are Fighting The Wrong Fight

“the Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the Jews” - No, they’re not. #EndOfTheGreenLine

The Trouble With Israel: Not Enough Occupation

We needed to take this land for ourselves: recognise our indigenous status as guardians of Israel while applying Jewish fairness and equality to all.

WATCH: What A Difference A Day Makes

New pictures and video from today in Jerusalem.

Indigenous Status Matters: Here’s Why

Indigenous people stand and fight: colonisers run.

They’re Voting In Droves: But Did It Matter?

Did Bibi’s comments about Arabs voting in droves actually make any difference?

What Does The Arab At The Falafel Stand Say About The Elections

Faisel admires how Israel holds elections every few years. “By us, whoever is in power, only a bullet to his head will take him out,”

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Occupation

A home was razed in Yitzhar today. Someone decided that building a home is a warlike act.

Carter’s Evil Lie

Carter lies and says PA recognition of Israel as a Jewish State means Arabs will have to convert to Judaism. As if anyone wants THAT.

New Levels Of Cruelty Reached By Arabs In Jerusalem

The Arab guide to rock throwing: 1) gather stones. 1.1) if no rocks available, live puppies will suffice

Hey Britain Bet You Wish You Were Nicer To The Jews Now!

Neville Chamberlain: “If we must offend one side let us offend the Jews rather than the Arabs.”

Upworthy Lies

Upworthy tells a whopper of a lie in its dramatization of a car accident to show Israeli restrictions on Arab freedom of movement and access to medical care
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