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WATCH: Australian PM Scott Morrison Considering Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Australia's (new) Prime Minister Scott Morrison states he is considering moving Australia's embassy to Jerusalem, as well as considering whether to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement.

Australia’s Ruling Party Now Has A Jewish Deputy…and The Antisemites Are Not Happy About...

Australia now has its first Jewish deputy Prime Minister

Australia vs Palestine Football Match (1939) For Dummies

A new version of the Australia vs Palestine soccer match (1939) video to help the nincompoops understand what an own goal it is for them

Melbourne Electorate Renamed after Indigenous Champion of the Jews

Good news, as the name of an electorate in Melbourne Australia has been renamed "Cooper", after William Cooper, a spokesman for Aboriginal people who...

Why Australia Should Stop Abstaining and Stand Alongside Israel at UN

If Australia is to be taken seriously on the world stage, we must act consistently with our democratic principles.

Poll: Most Aussies Seem Able to Cut Through the BS on The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Some very interesting poll results from YouGov Galaxy (a subsidiary of UK pollsters YouGov)

Lebanese-Australian’s Story Has Some Things to Say About Israel

An interesting story with a good ending, but it is some blink-and-you'll-miss-it parts worth pointing out

Palestinians in Australia Seethe Over Terrorist Training Video

Must be a day that ends in "y"

American Jewish Congress’ Huge Gaffe

Oh American Jewish Congress, you didn't!

MUST LISTEN: Aussie Radio Producer’s “Life-Changing” Experience in Israel

Sydney Live Producer Zac McLean impressed and moved by what he saw

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