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The Late Les Murray: “Bring on Israel Again!”

A fascinating article by a recently deceased doyen of Australian soccer broadcasting

Must Read Of The Day: Israel Losing The PR War

"The hatred of Israel, felt by so many, is now the fault of the Jewish people."

Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy Slams Media Bias Against Israel

Victoria's opposition leader has slammed the bias of the mainstream media, after witnessing their fake news firsthand

Indigenous Australians Form ‘Indigenous Friends of Israel’

Some positive news from Down Under

Cold Steel Piercing (Cairns) Really Does Not Like Jews

Israeli Mohr Wenger writes of her experience in Cairns, Australia

NSW Young Greens Get Their Antisemitism On

Another example of the "anti-Zionists-not-antisemites" of the far left at work

WATCH: “Revolutionary” Firefighting Device Invented By You-Know-Who

Inventing things to save lives and property. Because that's how we roll

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