Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Antisemite Brendon O’Connell Reportedly Charged Again

Is Brendon about to get reacquainted with Bubba?

Eurovision Is Back And Israellycool Is On The Case!

The crown of most geographically odd European nation at Eurovision passes to a new holder!

Guest Post (Shailee Mendelevich): Politics and Arts – Rattled by Red Rattler

An insider's take on recent events with the Red Rattler Theatre

Is BDSHole Jake Lynch Telling Porky-Pies?

I believe he is, and here's why

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Jake Lynch Needs To Explain This

BDShole Jake Lynch has some explaining to do

Melanie Phillips Talks Israel And Jews Down Under

Melanie Phillips casts an Israel and Jewish focused eye on what is going on in Australia.

Islamic Fundamentalists Leave Melbournites Poison Letter

What the media has not reported

Reader Post: Dalia Down Under

Dalia's back..Down Under


#illridewithyou no problem. You should be able to wear your hijabs without being harassed or persecuted. But..
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