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Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Reader Post: Syrian Refugees Won’t Fight For An Invented Country

Syria was largely an invention of European colonial nations: is it really a nation its people will fight to rebuild?

WATCH: Q&A On Terrorism

An interesting discussion

Antisemitic Elements In Australia’s Labor Party Behind Push To Ban Israel Trips

The racists of the Australian Labor Party

Australian Delegation To Israel Infuriates PA With Stance Against Their Terror-Support

As an "Ozraeli", this gives me no end of naches.

The True, Vile Face Of BDS Strikes Again

This time from Australia

Former Aussie FM Bob Carr Claims Jews “Judaising” The Arab City of Jerusalem

Carr throws Israel under the bus. Again

News Blooper Of The Day

I suspect some employee at Channel Ten Australia would not be able to pick out US President Barack Obama from a police lineup

More On Antisemitic Attack In Melbourne

More context and video from the scary attack I posted yesterday

WATCH: Scary Scenes As Man Accosts Charedi Jews In Melbourne

This must have been terrifying

Why I’m Not Drinking The Waleed Aly Kool-Aid

In the wake of the Paris terror attack, there's a new viral video going around. But I'm not so impressed

Aussie Mufti’s Not So Grand

Ever wondered what the root causes of Islamic terrorism really are? Wonder no more!
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