Israellycool » Avital Leibovich Down Under Punditry in the Middle East Mon, 03 Aug 2015 19:04:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Breaking News: Old Media Bypass At IDF Mon, 04 Feb 2013 19:40:06 +0000 From twitter tonight I noticed the following tweet from Avital Liebovich who is stepping down as the chief IDF Spokesperson.

She is being replaced by Maj Peter Lerner who is also an active tweeter. On follow up Avital revealed where she is going next: Head of Interactive Media, namely leading the social networks.

I think this is of HUGE significance. Avital is obviously moving up the ranks not down. The position of head IDF Spokesperson used to be the top: she was the primary face of the IDF for the world’s main stream media. And where is she going now? Twitter and Facebook!

Sick of the ridiculous treatment at the hands of the world’s media, the IDF began a move to getting it’s message out direct first with its own blog and now via every possible social channel. And they’ve had huge success. Often, and especiallay with help from us in the blogosphere to promote and expand, they’ve been able to make the mainstream media look slow, out of touch and down right stupid.

So I think this is a very significant move and, of course, I haven’t seen the main stream media remark on it as yet.

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Did RT Really Ask If IDF Are Using Human Shields Mon, 19 Nov 2012 21:37:01 +0000 Avital Leibovich is doing a lot of media interviews and she’s doing a very good job. But when this Russia Today host asks her if the IDF are using journalists as Human Shields perhaps because the question is so ridiculous, she misses it.

Watch the whole thing, make sure you catch her mega-zinger ending!

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Al Jizz Presenter Slips Freudian Style In Interview With IDF Spokeswoman Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:38:07 +0000 In a hostile interview with IDF Spokeswoman Avital Leibovich, the Al Jazeera presenter makes a Freudian Slip. Can you spot it?

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