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Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Tags Barack Obama

Tag: Barack Obama

Reader Post: Has The US Nuclear Deal With Iran Started World War III With...

Is Word War III with Russia now on the cards?

WATCH: Obama Yells At Bill Clinton To Get On Air Force One

Former President Clinton hitched a ride back from Israel on Air Force One with Obama

A Black Mark On The White House

The White House figuratively spits on the grave of Shimon Peres

WATCH: Mel Brooks Pretends To “Pants” Obama

Mel Brooks is an international treasure.

WATCH: Obama Netanyahu Press Conference

The two leaders definitely seemed more relaxed, perhaps realizing they won't have to see each other as much again.

Pardon My Inappropriateness

Zahava says some inappropriate things
Karate Kid '16 starrring Barack Obama Daily Freier

The Karate Kid, Part IV: The Appeasement

A new treatment

Guest Post (Daily Freier): Our Baseball Team Forfeited To JV

.. 'cuz Coach O wouldn't tell the bus driver who we're playing against

Michael Doran Testifies In Congress About Obama’s Iran Deception

Watch Doran's testimony, in which he identified five components of the deception

Will The Democrats Go The Way Of Labour?

Former leader of Oxford University Labour Club describes how the club turned a blind eye to anti-Semitism in its ranks
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