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WATCH: Alan Dershowitz: “Appalling” Obama Stabbed Israel In Back

Rippin Obama in unbelievable fashion

CARTOON: The White House Celebration

Inspired by recent events

If You’re Surprised By US Abstention, You Don’t Understand the Left

It's time to get out from under that rock you've been hiding under

Netanyahu’s Full Speech About Obama’s UNSC Resolution In English

The resolution that was adopted yesterday at the United Nations is distorted and shameful but we will overcome it.

Obama and Kerry’s Hypocrisy Burns Brightly

The hypocrisy of these two men could not be more apparent

WATCH: John Bolton: “A Stab In The Back Against The Israelis”

Another strong reaction against Obama's betrayal of Israel.

WATCH: Mike Huckabee: Obama’s Final Farewell To Israel Is With Middle Finger

Mike Huckabee does not hold back in his reaction to US abstention on shameful anti-Israel UNSC vote.

On Obama’s Parting Shot At Israel

Some of my thoughts on this disgraceful act

WATCH: Binyamin Netanyahu Deals With Tough Topics On 60 Minutes

An at-times hostile interview

Reader Post: Has The US Nuclear Deal With Iran Started World War III With...

Is Word War III with Russia now on the cards?

WATCH: Obama Yells At Bill Clinton To Get On Air Force One

Former President Clinton hitched a ride back from Israel on Air Force One with Obama

A Black Mark On The White House

The White House figuratively spits on the grave of Shimon Peres

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