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To Right the Un-right-able Wrongs

Is it our responsibility to fight evil? To challenge that which is wrong...even if there is no real chance of success?

Zion Mike Presents..The Extremist

What Nancy Pelosi finds offensive. And what she doesn't

Orim At An Anti-Assad Rally

As usual, extreme hatred and prejudice hilarity ensues

Attack Of The Sex Jihadis

Just when you thought you had heard it all, along comes 'sexual jihad'

Wishful Thinking Of The Day

..comes from one Judy Mozes, wife of Silvan Shalom

Bashar Assad’s New WMD (Weapon of Mass Distraction)

Syrian Dorktator Bashar Assad would kill for a distraction like Miley Cyrus

Batshit Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

Arab and pro-palestinian sites have the Arab Emirate of Qatar up to no Zionist good
kamal ranaja

Hamashole Compliments Mossad

Apparently, some in Hamas know that Israel is not cruel

BDS Fail Of The Day

Excruciatingly bad..and revealing

Joke of The Day

Syria has condemned Israel's air strikes against Gazan terrorists, and asked the international community to act and punish us!

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