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BBC Gets Loud With Its Double Standards on Israel

If the BBC's bias and double standards were not already clear to you, there should be now.

Manchester BDS-Holes Boycott BBC Documentary…For Being Too Pro-Israel!

Manchester student BDS-holes are boycotting a documentary by - wait for it - the BBC, claiming - wait for it - it will be pro-Israel! I can't wait for it!

Where The BBC Romanticizes Terror and Violence

Another example of the BBC making very clear on which side of the conflict they stand.

The BBC’s One-Sided Take on Jerusalem

Not only who was questioned is revealing, but also how they answered

BBC’s Freudian Slip For The Ages

Glorious does not begin to describe this

WATCH: Binyamin Netanyahu Handles ‘Hostile’ Andrew Marr Interview Like a Boss

I'd venture to say this was one of Bibi's most masterful performances.

WATCH: Horrifying Nazi-Era Children’s Game

From the BBC's Antiques Roadshow

BBC Turning Jerusalem Terrorist Murderer’s Family Into The Victims

More lethal journalism from the Beeb

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