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Al Jazeera’s Sting Against Israeli Embassy In London Reveals … Embassy Doing Its Job

The British media keep perpetuation antisemitism while hiding all positive stories about Israel.

WATCH: The Hairy Bikers In Israel

This is surprisingly entertaining and - for the BBC - fair!

WATCH: Avi Dichter In The Hotseat On BBC HARDTalk

Avi Dichter, Israel's Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, recently appeared on the BBC's HARDtalk

If BBC News Reported On Sport

Warning: not for the satire impaired

WATCH: BBC Is Learning About Autism From Israel

BBC is turning Yellow Peppers into the A-Word and buying a fine Israeli product.

UK Warning: Comic Relief And Sport Relief Are Bad For Israel

There are much better places to send your money. These charities are highly dangerous to Israel.

The BBC Destroys Arab Indigenous Claims To Israel

One devastating BBC paragraph completely destroys Arab and Palestinian claims to be indigenous in Israel.

WATCH: BBC’s Unbiased Report On Israelis Helping In The UK

No allegations of "floodwashing" or anything

WATCH: Blast From The BBC Past

Re-watching this old documentary and realising it could have been made this week.

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