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Sh*t Has Hit The BDS Fan And MJ Rosenberg Is Flinging

"I do object to the fact that he clearly hates all Israelis, except a few “anti-Zionists.”"
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Extra Security Friday in Jerusalem

Increase in Arab violence, extra security out, but not what you might imagine

Cool Israeli Tech You BDSHoles Can’t Have

One of the internet's top tech sites rates Israel's top 20 tech startups

Is BDSM In Australia Finished?

"The fact the BDS movement falsely equates Israel with apartheid-era South Africa shows it does not understand Israel.” - The Australian

Warning Notice To BDS Activists

It is lawful to criticise Israel's policies. It is not lawful to boycott Israeli people and businesses because of disagreement with those policies.

Turning Waters Into Wine At Times Of Israel

Over at the Times of Israel today I, Brian of London, have a new op-ed that’s today’s “Top Ops”

BDS Fail Of The Day: IBM Invests $1Bn In Israel

IBM buys Trusteer, plan's to open cybersecurity R&D lab in Israel.

The Religious Jew From Israel And The Syrian Child

However, when he saw how nicely and kindly I treated his kid, he started crying.

The Safe Listening List – BDS Busters

A list of musical artists who don't buy into the BDS BS
Dr Mehmet Oz posing for photo with fans

BDS Fail of the Day with Dr Oz

Dr Oz comes to Israel, what a major BDS Fail

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