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Buy Israel Week: Weaken BDS

Buy stuff from Israel and make a BDS Jew hater angry.

David Ward MP Lets Just Block The Jew

After all his crocodile apologies, it's clear the guy now hates us Jews even more.

BDS – The British Driving Society

Are you feeling lucky?

BDS Fail Of The Day

If you live in San Diego and you support BDS, you're gonna have a bad time

BDS Fail Of The Day

Depeche Mode will kick off their 2013 world tour in Israel

Asking Forgiveness From BDSers

I'm sorry that the people who you "help" couldn't care less about you.

Samsung Galaxy’s Blue And White Connection

The Israeli R & D center for the Korean giant.

BDS Fail Of The Holy Month Of Ramadan

Palestinians defy the ISM and BDS, go to Israel for vacation.

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