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Nick Cave’s Stunning Rebuke of “Antisemitic at Heart, Cowardly and Shameful” BDS

Nick Cave elaborates on his stance against BDS

Roger Waters & His Minions Harass UK Pink Floyd Experience into Dropping Israel Gig

It looks like the bullies - led by Jew hater Roger Waters - have won this time

Jew Hater Simone O’Broin Goes off at Fellow Haters in Epic Rant

The Jew hater turns on her own

Former BDS Activist: I Lacked Empathy for Israelis

A former anti-Zionist and BDS-hole sees the error of her ways

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Take a Number

Ahead of Chanukah...

To BnB Or Not To BnB

Justin was faced with a choice yesterday

Airbnb Becomes HotAirBDS

Airbnb has agreed to boycott places in Judea and Samaria and remove those listings from its popular website

BDS Movement Accuses Israel of Exploiting Bollywood, But Must Have Us Confused for Hamas

The BDS movement needn't look past their heroes for actual Bollywood exploitation

Priceless! Palestinian Information Center Screws Up Badly

I am guessing they are not very expert at interpreting cartoons

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