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Adidas Rejects Claim That End of Israel Football Association Sponsorship Was Related to BDS

Adidas themselves have come out to reject the BDS movement's claims regarding the end of their sponsorship of the IFA, yet the BDSM and the haters continue to lie about it

BDS Movement Claims Yet Another False Victory

The BDS movement is claiming a victory, with Adidas no longer the sponsor of the Israel Football Association. But once again, they are lying.

Shashi Naidoo’s Reaction to Israel Entry Ban Speaks Volumes

It looks the mental warfare of BDS South Africa truly got to her

ROI Fellow Ariel Vegosen Called BDS a “Jewish Value”

Once again, we see how Vegosen has been actively working against the values of the Schusterman Foundation, which funds the ROI community of which she is a part, presumably by hiding her anti-Israel activities

Soft Cell’s Marc Almond: “I Love Israel…I Find No Point in Cultural Boycotts”

Singer Marc Almond of Soft Cell fame is another performer the BDS-holes need not bother with

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Caving in to BDS

With the Thailand cave rescue underway (with the help of Israeli tech), Zionist Pugs asks the question

Why Ariel Gold Stinks At BDS

Ariel Gold, you stink at BDS!

Code Pinker Ariel Gold Booted out of Israel

Insufferable BDS-hole Ariel Gold has been deported from Israel - on the basis of her being an insufferable BDS-hole.

Haters Fume as Luxury Watchmaker Hublot Creates “Israel 70” Watches

Luxury Swiss watchmaker Hublot has designed 70 limited edition watches on the occasion of Israel's 70th birthday  - and the haters are fuming

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