Israellycool » BDS Down Under Punditry in the Middle East Sun, 30 Aug 2015 14:08:40 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Why Matisyahu Put The Nail In The Coffin Of BDS Sat, 29 Aug 2015 20:26:01 +0000 1024px-Summerjam_20130705_Matisyahu_DSC_0014_by_EmhaThe entire point of BDS is to alienate, marginalize and silence Jews. BDS winning doesn’t require people actually boycotting Israel; it only requires them to marginalize Jews.

When Jews take the attitude “It’s not worth it so I’m not gonna bother,” BDS wins. Every single time a Jew decides not to attend an event because they may or may not encounter asshattery, BDS wins. When Jews decide to keep their Jewishness on the downlow to avoid problems, BDS wins.

So when does BDS lose? When Jews are visible, and unapologetic, when Israel supporters are loud and unabashed. That’s when BDS loses because it has no way to counter those things without revealing itself to be what it is – a movement calculated to attack Jews and isolate them.

Matisyahu just showed the pro-Israel world the blueprint on how to beat these people, and it didn’t involve the classic “not rocking the boat” as some mainstream Jewish organizations would have us believe. I couldn’t believe that I saw people advocating for Matisyahu to stay home, to collect the money for being cancelled but to not perform. In truth, nothing would have been worse; if he stayed away, it would have been a victory for those who want to silence any Jewish voice that doesn’t parrot their anti Israel garbage. By staying unseen, he would have given them what they wanted.

By going and by performing the songs he performed, Matisyahu not only showed that BDS failed but that it failed in an abject manner; that he was unafraid, not intimidated and unbowed. It was actually a heroic thing to do and he should be applauded.

Matisyahu may be an American Jew, but in that single moment I believe he was Israeli, Jewish, proud and unconcerned with the haters. The history of the Jewish people in Israel in a nutshell – maligned, marginalized and attacked, but standing strong and unbroken. The lesson here is obvious. If you want to defeat the haters you don’t defeat them by being more hateful, you defeat them with love, love for your people, love for your history, and love for your culture, because as much as our enemies would have us believe otherwise, love trumps hate every single time

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Great News! Israeli Mangoes On Sale In UK Sun, 23 Aug 2015 11:38:48 +0000 Just had a tip off that the amazing mangoes we have here in Israel are now available in Asda in the UK! I’ve had a few here since the season began and they’re delicious as always. And because they were grown here in Israel you can be sure that resource usage (mostly water) was amongst the most efficient in the world.

I’d like to thank Mohammed Ansar for the tip off and I’m happy to pass on this buying recommendation to all Israellycool readers! Please comment if you went out to buy a pack of mangoes after my post.

Somehow I don’t think Mo meant this to be an advert. Oh well. More #BDSFail

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And Did Those Feet, In Modern Times, Walk Upon Spain’s Festival Stage? #BDSFail Sun, 23 Aug 2015 07:11:28 +0000 Hell yes. Matisyahu singing Jerusalem at this weekend’s Sunspalsh Festival. Suck it up BDS. This has to rank as the most epic #BDSFail in the long and distinguished history of #BDSFail.

Plenty of coverage in the pro-Israel world (Algemeiner, Legal Insurrection, Jewish Press, Jewlicious) about this whole debacle but what is interesting is the relative lack of coverage by such sites as the New York Times. Here are a couple of Matisyahu’s Facebook posts with the following text:

“Fan the flame in the name of Judah from the line of King David!” and

“Tonight was difficult but special. Thank you to everyone who made it possible! Every chance to make music is a blessing.”


Words not clear enough? Listen to this recording of Jerusalem. HT: Irene

And more: #BDSFail Matisyahu Rocks Rotomon, check out @Jewilious 


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Reader Post: Hey BDS – I’ve Got A Declaration Too! Wed, 19 Aug 2015 12:10:46 +0000 Justin Amler is obsessed with Israeli pickles, Justin has used that knowledge in order to blog about Israel and the Jewish world. He gains great pleasure when his blogs are read by more than just his mother. He has previously written about South Africa on Israellycool.

History is never in the past, because it looks like the Spanish Inquisition is making a comeback at the Sunsplash Rototom Reggae Festival, where the Jewish-American musician Matisyahu, under pressure from the BDS movement, was barred from the festival after he wouldn’t sign a declaration against Zionism and Israel.

But…but…but I thought the BDS was only against Israel and only against the occupation and only against Israeli pickles, but alas – it looks like I was wrong.  It seems the BDS don’t really like the Joooooooooos – or at least the bad Jews – you know the ones that are like pro-Israel and all that stuff!

But alas, the rhythm of Jewish reggae will not be heard in the coastal town of Benicàssim this week, but fear not for those who are disappointed.  I’m sure the traditional BDS sounds of intimidation and stupidity will be blaring loudly and proudly – where the festival will aim to make fascism funky once again!

But before we go knocking this festival, it’s important to highlight that on their website itself, it says they are there to promote a culture of peace.  They say that “promoting peace, equality, human rights and social justice has been a constant for us since our beginnings as a festival in 1994.”

Oh my goodness, I’m getting all teary now… where are those tissues?

Oh wait a second – what’s this small print I see…

No views other than ours are accepted. 

You must be anti-Semitic. 

No Jews allowed.

No Israeli inventions are permitted except mobile phones, computers, medical equipment… 

Only official keffiye patterned underwear allowed – where a small percentage of the sales price goes to the Abbas family. 

But in light of Matisyahu’s failure to make a declaration selling out his own people, I’d like to make some of my own declarations instead, even though I’m not famous and no one actually gives a toss what I think!

I declare that the chocolates I polished off in the cupboard the other day were for… medicinal purposes only… yes… that’s it.

I also declare that there is nothing wrong with a yellow shirt – except maybe with pink pants.

I declare that the pain I’m feeling in my stomach is not for Palestine, but more likely from my intestine, because I so knew I shouldn’t have had that ice-cream right before bed!

I declare that the BDS movement is a racist, disgusting, fascist, godless, spineless bunch of hypocrites who dress funny and wear pants that are too big for them.

I declare that the Sunsplash Rototom Reggae Festival is also a racist, disgusting, hypocritical, fascist, spineless, Matisyahu-less collection of political wannabees.

I declare that I don’t know who is worse – the BDS fascists or the spineless festival organisers.

Did I say all that out loud?

And finally, I declare that I am a proud supporter of Israel, a country that does more for this world we live in than any silly festival that makes bold statements about promoting peace and equality on the one hand, but practices absolute racism and intolerance on the other.

Now, if someone can please tell me the details of the Spanish music festival organisers, I know exactly where to put this declaration…

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Reggae Festival Demands Loyalty Oath To Palestine From Jewish Performer Sun, 16 Aug 2015 21:05:13 +0000 Matisyahu performing in 2006

Matisyahu performing in 2006

A Spanish reggae festival has cancelled a performance by American Jewish singer Matisyahu, after his refusal to meet their demand that he issue a statement endorsing a Palestinian state.

According to this report via Google translate, the groups and individuals that specifically targeted Matisyahu were “Pallasos Rebellion, María Carrión, director of the Sahara International Film Festival (FiSahara), the Saharawi activist Hassanna Aalia and audiovisual producer Fernando Garcia . . . the Saharan Desert Son Yslem rapper . . . [and] the Valencian group The Gossa Deaf.”

María Carrión is a director of FiSahara, a Spanish NGO that organizes a film festival to highlight the far-less well-known plight of the people of Western Sahara. Western Sahara has been occupied by Morocco since 1975, and Morocco has built “a lengthy, fortified wall” to keep the former residents out. Unlike the Palestinian Arabs, however, the people of Western Sahara have renounced violence, and have been waiting since 1991 for a resolution from the UN. While most of the information on the festival is in Spanish, as far as I can tell, no similar loyalty oaths in favor of the Sahwari people have been required of any performers.

Nor have any similar demands been made that any participants in the music festival endorse the movement of the Basque or Catalonian people for independence from Spain. This past June the four-decade old Basque separatist movement demonstrated in favor of independence. In a non-binding Catalonian referendum in November, 81% of 2.25 million voters voted for independence from Spain.

Indeed, Matisyahu was the only performer asked to make this declaration about “Palestine.”

At least one of the other performers that called for Matisyahu to be banned from the Spanish festival appears to have been angered by Matisyahu’s participation in the Tulane University pro-Israel festival this past April. According to festival organizer Chloe Valdary, one of the festival’s goals was to “tak[e] the narrative back that was stolen from us and celebrat[e] the beautiful story of the liberation movement of the Jewish people.” Sadly, the anti-Israel activists proved unable to hear the message of the Tulane event.

What a shame that reggae music, which arose in protest of racism and discrimination, is the now the new frontier for institutionalized racism against Jews.

Also see: Norwegian Film Fest Hates Israel More Than It Cares About Disabled Children

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BDSHoles Abuse Holocaust Survivor And Call Him “Nazi” Thu, 23 Jul 2015 16:01:05 +0000 The face of BDS and the anti-Israel crowd.

bournemouth action for israelHenry Schachter set up the Bournemouth Action for Israel stand at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Dorset to provide an alternative view to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s stall which regularly appears at the event.

But the 76-year-old said he and his colleagues were forced to retreat amid “intimidating and virulent” abuse by Left-wing Palestine supporters who were all white English people.

Mr Schachter, whose Jewish parents were killed by the Nazis, said his group was compared to the BNP during last week’s incident in which a “flashmob” threw pamphlets to the ground and tried to deface the stand.


Mr Schachter said: “As a survivor of the Holocaust it makes me feel disgusted and sad to be called things like a Nazi. The Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival is exactly the place for people from different organisations to exercise freedom of speech.

“But it was anything but free speech. It was intimidating and virulent abuse by a flashmob of far-Left bullies.”

It is quite amazing how these so called “leftists” advocate free speech and non-violence.

Except when you support Israel. Then they are all about censorship and support of terrorism.

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Mariah Carey To Perform Here; Reportedly “Fell In Love” With Israel Thu, 23 Jul 2015 13:44:15 +0000 It’s official: weeks after visiting Israel, it has been confirmed Mariah Carey will be performing on August 18th.

No doubt, the BDSholes are going to be getting their panties in a twist over this. But according to TMZ, they might as well save their energy.

Mariah made her first trip to the Holy Land back in June with billionaire beau James Packer, a friend of the Israeli prime minister, and we’re told she fell in love with the place.

Which would also explain why even almost 2 weeks after leaving Israel, she was still posting photos from her trip.

#FBF Roc and Roe’s magical adventure in the Holy Land. #travel #israel #camel #adventure #mariahcarey

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

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‘Freaks Of BDS’ Trading Card Of The Day Tue, 14 Jul 2015 08:13:36 +0000 Time to dust off the cobwebs of this former Israellycool series.

trading card

As seen here.

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BDS Fail of The Day: Boycott SodaStream Flashmob Edition Mon, 13 Jul 2015 16:11:50 +0000 Oh, how I have waited so long for one of these BDS flash mob videos!

Because, quite simply, they are so hilariously bad. And this one is no exception

Besides the usual off-key singing, terrible dancing and atrocious acting, you also get treated to a woman smacking her ass, and a BDShole you may recognize from this classic.

Warning: Naq-bra alert.

Hat tip: Gidon Shaviv & Mirabelle

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MUST READ: Wall Up Against Waters’ Stance On Israel Mon, 06 Jul 2015 10:43:05 +0000 Columnist Rowan Dean takes aim at Roger Waters and BDS.


I’VE decided to boycott Pink Floyd.

I will sanction The Dark Side of the Moon and divest myself of The Wall . It’s all part of my Boycott Divest and Sanction (BDS) Roger Waters campaign.

Which is heartbreaking, because I love Pink Floyd.

And I’ll really miss them.

But all my Floyd CDs have to go.

My campaign is in protest against the fact that Waters is chief spokesman of the hideously anti-Semitic Boycott Divest and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

This is the same sinister campaign beloved of the Greens who make it their business to intimidate Jewish businesses (such as Max Brenner chocolate shops) and even a Jewish theatre, on the pretence of supporting the Palestinian “struggle”.

The same mob who savaged Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson for doing ads for SodaStream, an Israeli company which used to have a factory in the West Bank but was forced to close it, at the cost of thousands of Palestinian jobs.

Waters was the John Lennon of Pink Floyd; an aggressive, irascible hard-left political agitator who split the group up and now carries on like a pork chop fancying himself as some kind of modern-day rock revolutionary. But where Lennon believed in peace and love, Waters preaches bile and hatred.

All of it aimed at Israel.

Waters – who, let’s face it, has not written a decent tune in decades – has a newfound audience and newfound “relevance” thanks to his passionate support for BDS.

He bullies fellow artists to boycott performing in Israel, and rails against the “conspiracy” of Jews in Hollywood. Waters claims his concern is for the “Palestinian children”, yet I’ve yet to hear a peep out of him about those Palestinian (and other Arab) children being massacred by the truckload all around the Middle East and Africa by Islamists.

His only concern is when it happens to include his pet villains, the Israelis.

Read the entire thing.

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