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WATCH: Rabbi Sacks On The Evils Of BDS

Rabbi Sacks at his articulate best

BDS-Holes Proclaim Victory As Natalie Imbruglia Cancels Israel Concert (Updated)

Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia has seemingly cancelled her Israel gig

NFL Player Michael Bennett Sacks Israel

More like Martin Luther than Martin Luther King

WATCH: Bernard-Henri Levy: “BDS Is An Antisemitic Campaign”

The French intellectual and author rips BDS

Gaza’s Metro Market Really Terrible At Boycotting Israel

It seems Gazans are terrible at BDS

Canadian Building School Constructs Terrible Excuse For Banning Israelis

It seems the school constructs really lame excuses as well as houses

Trump’s “Muslim Ban” Exposes Leftist & BDS Hypocrisy

The far Left exposes its own hypocrisy

Nick Cave May Not Be Such A Bad Seed After All

Perhaps an especially bitter pill for the BDS-holes to swallow

BDS-Holes Don’t Just Hate Israel…They Also Hate The US

One of often overlooked things about BDS is that they do not just hate Israel

Paris Peace Conference On Israel-Palestine Will Ignore French Law

“This is the first time that a Court has legally destroyed all Palestinian legal claim that Israel’s occupation is illegal.”
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