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Exclusive: When Jews Party for Nakba – Undercover at DJs4BDS

Nothing beats a good party on a Saturday night in a dusky bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn, unless, of course, you are Jew with a...

WATCH: More Epic Trolling of BDS-Holes

More epic trolling!

WATCH: Epic Trolling of BDS-Holes

At a BDS demonstration in Paris, a pro-Israel person gets a couple of BDS-holes to recite something in Hebrew

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: BDS Done Properly

You sure you don't want ANY Israeli products on campus?

Swarthmore College Offering Alternative to Sabra Hummus In Response to BDS Petition

Swarthmore College will not discontinue the sale of Sabra hummus on campus, per a request in a petition signed by hundreds of students, but will offer an alternative brand

BDS-Holes Target Israeli Eurovision Entrant Netta

A group of BDS-holes are targeting Israel's Eurovision entrant Netta Barzilai

WATCH: Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay’s Message to “Bullsh*t” BDS: “F-Off!”

I could put this on a loop and have it playing all day!

Things Get Messi for BDS

For a while now, the BDS-holes have been pressuring the Argentinian national soccer team to cancel their friendly against the Israeli national team. They can chalk this up as yet another fail.

Portman PR Fiasco Gets Cheers From BDS

The problem is that even if her heart doesn’t support BDS; her decision does.

WATCH: Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay’s Response to Pressure from BDS Movement

“So all you guys out there thinking I’m not coming – I am coming.”

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