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Mr Brian Goes To Parliament (Knesset)

Better Place owners organised, mostly via Facebook and the new Electric Vehicle lobby group we've formed, to make sure owners showed up. We asked for 10 and I believe we had more than 15.

Better Place: Zombie Edition

The biggest news is that we have guaranteed operation of all of Better Place's services for customers (switching, charging and telephone support) until June 13th.

Mercedes For The Price Of A Mazda

It really wasn’t about saving money: It was about driving and feeling good about driving again.

And Now The End Is Near

Better Place is calling in the receiver. We don't know what will happen next.

RIP Better Place

Absolutely no schaidenfreude intended.

It Was Exactly A Year Ago Today

That I unwrapped my very first electric car and drove her away

Better News From Better Place

The figures are in, and they're pretty good.

Thank You For Making Me Smile Today

I'm suggesting if you've been following a blog or a writer for a while but they don't know it, dash off a quick note or a tweet or something because I can tell you: it can and does make a real difference.

Better Place Earth Day News

10 million electric km driven in Israel!
Stage for Green Pilgrim event

She’s The Green Deputy Mayor

Making Jerusalem an even better place to visit.

Do Petrol Heads Dream Of Electric Cars?

All you have to do is take out the exploding bit at the front and the entire nature of the car changes to something so refined it costs thousands more to match.
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