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Epic Translation Fail Of The Day

Facebook is reportedly working on a tool to deal with fake news. They might also want to get cracking on one to deal with terrible translations.

News Blooper Of The Day

I suspect some employee at Channel Ten Australia would not be able to pick out US President Barack Obama from a police lineup

Blooper Of The Day

Arutz Sheva gets all JPost on us

Thursday Morning Funny

Meet the Canuck who likes to canoodle. He just doesn't realize what it means.
PalToday autotranslate

Auto-Translation of the Day

It's so hard to find a good auto-translator these days.

This is CNN

When CNN's Kyra Phillips has an off day, she really has an off day. http://www.youtube.com/v/X1Sj-K8bVPQ&hl=en&fs=1 I'm guessing she can take it in her stride, especially considering...

Jerusalem Post Caption Blooper of the Day

..or perhaps just a Freudian slip (hat tip: Laura)

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