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Jerusalem: The Experiential Guidebook: Book Review

A book review by Israellycool contributor RealJStreets

Hello, Refugees! Book Review

My latest book review

Tommy Robinson Says He’s An Enemy Of The State: Book Review

This book is so far fetched and outrageous it falls into the category of nobody could make this stuff up.

The Gilboa Iris

I read The Gilboa Iris by Zahava Englard a few months back and thoroughly enjoyed it.

How Did It Happen

How did anyone make 11 million people march mostly willingly to their own deaths?

The Last Refuge

An Aussie Dave book review

To Defend The Earth

An Aussie Dave book review

Merchants Of Despair And Other Happy Thoughts

What happens when disciples of Malthus, warped interpretations of Darwin and crazed Eugenicists take over the world.

The Volunteer In The Mossad: Book Review

He arrived in Israel as a non Jew, converted, joined the IDF and then progressed into The Mossad.

The Poisoner’s Agenda

An Aussie Dave book review.

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