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BDS-Holes Disrupt Holocaust Film in Berlin. Because Not Antisemitic

More contemptible behavior from those who make a habit of contemptible behavior.

Richard Silverstein’s Unbelievable Reaction to Report About US Student Denied Entry into Israel

You can't make this stuff up - unless you are Richard Silverstein

University of Michigan Punishes BDS-Hole Professor

The University of Michigan is disciplining the professor who sparked a global controversy after he refused to recommend a student for study in Israel

Roger Waters Does Not Seem to Realize Composer He is Honoring Had Honored Israel

Despite sounding awfully pretentious, Waters is also comfortably dumb

New Dilemma for BDS-Holes

What will they do?

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: No 2 BDS

No 2 BDS

WATCH: The Bolt Report on Ari Fuld Murder and Eurovision Boycott Attempts

The wonderful Andrew Bolt recently spoke to Australian Jewish politician Michael Danby about the murder of Ari Fuld z"l, as well as BDS-hole hypocrisy towards Israel

BDS-Holes Set Their Sights on Puma

Fresh from lying that Adidas had ended its sponsorship of Israel’s Football Association (IFA), the palestinians and BDS-holes have set their sights on another BDS fail: trying to convince Adidas' successor Puma to ended its sponsorship of the IFA

University of Michigan Professor Refuses to Write Recommendation Letter for Israel-Bound Student

University of Michigan professor John Cheney-Lippold reminds me of JP Sears, the internet comedian who satirizes virtue signalling hippies. Well, that, and a homeless hobo...

How Swede it Is! One of Greatest Electric Guitar Players of All Time Performing...

Yngwie Malmsteen may look like he has a first name missing a vowel, but boy could he play guitar. And he's coming to Israel.
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