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SodaStream Rehires Palestinans Laid Off Due To BDS

And the Israeli government help make it happen

Trump, The Muslim Ban, and BDS

Anyone who recognizes the "true intent" behind President Trump's Muslim Ban must also recognize the true intent behind BDS

Joanna Lumley: BDS is “Appalling”

Joanna, you are absolutely fabulous!

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Slams The UN, Opposes BDS & One-State Solution

It is as if millions of Israel hating voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Ed Asner Says He Has Abandoned BDS

“I do not support BDS. I just want peace.”

Actor Simon Callow: BDS Is “An Abomination”

British actor/director Simon Callow has come out strongly against BDS.

Guest Post: Open Letter To Pitchfork Music Magazine Regarding Radiohead

An open letter to the editors who publish open letters to artists

Tufts BDS Vote Latest Example Of Underhanded, Anti-Jewish Tactics

More disgraceful, anti-Jewish behavior by a university student senate, led by BDS-holes

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