Thursday, May 5, 2016
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Steven Wilson Of Porcupine Tree: “Nobody Really Cares If Roger Waters Boycotts Israel”

The latest artist to rip BDS-holes and declare his love for Israel.

Using Gandhi To Sanctify Hamas

Amid growing Israel-India ties, BDS activists seek to set foot in the Hindu-majority country

When Hating Israel Costs Lives

When hating Israel is more important than saving lives

BDS Holes vs Batman vs Superman vs Common Sense

Lebanese BDS-holes are on the warpath - against the new Batman vs Superman movie

Craig David Rocks Israel

Another big artist comes to Israel - and has a blast

Batman Shouted Down By San Francisco State University Students

Freedom of speech is just another of the rights the Israel haters want to deprive us of.

Something Else To Make The BDS Holes Go “Damme!”

Another Hollywood guest

MUST WATCH: Roseanne Barr Rips BDS

I really enjoyed seeing this live today

WATCH: Singer Craig David Speaks Out Against BDS

The R&B singer continues to show his pro Israel colors
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