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A-ha Says No-No To BDS

The world famous Norwegian band reveals there was never any question about playing here and ignoring boycott calls.

Roger Waters Furious Over Munich Mayor’s Accusation of Antisemitism

The mayor of Munich has ripped rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters as an "antisemite", prompting not-so-jolly Roger to get his lawyers involved

Twisted BDS-Holes Shouting For Ringo Starr To Drop Out of Israel Tour

With Ringo Starr set to perform two shows here in Israel in a little over a week, the BDS-holes are (predictably) going after him in a big, bad way

WATCH: Roger Waters “Clearly I Am Not An Antisemite”

Waters proceeded to deny he is antisemitic, claiming "I don't even come close to having a single antisemitic bone in my body." 

Argentina Football Team Cancellation A Huge Failure for BDS

While the palestinians and hater celebrate the cancellation of the Argentina-Israel friendly as a huge victory for the BDS Movement, it is actually a huge failure.

Argentina Football Association Gives In To Palestinian Bullying & Intimidation

Not long after my previous post about Jibril Rajoub's efforts to have the Argentina-Israel friendly football game cancelled came news that the Argentina Football Association (AFA) relented.

One of My Favorite Photos of Israel Haters Of All Time

This photo of BDS-holes protesting in Berlin really says a lot - none of which they intended!

Talk About a Smoking Gun! BDS Umbrella Group Has Financial Ties to Palestinian Terror...

Thanks to a new report by Tablet, we now have proof of a financial relationship between a prominent BDS group and terrorist organizations

BDS Group CJPME Continues to Encourage People To Break the Law

Defacing store products is a criminal offence in Canada

Ice Cream Over These Half Baked BDS-Holes

An anti-Israel protest in Finland against ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's

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