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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Morrissey: “[Israelis] Are Very Generous and Friendly…[BDS] is Absurd and Narrow-Minded”

Morrissey continues to stand strongly with Israel

Double Whammy for BDS! Coldplay’s Chris Martin Was At Nick Cave Concert in Israel

News about Nick Cave's concert tour of Israel just gets better and better

Roger Waters Whining Response to Nick Cave: “A Mixture of Sorrow, Rage and Disbelief”

Some high-profile BDS-holes have responded publicly to Nick Cave, including Roger Waters

WATCH: Senior VP at Apple on Israel’s “Key, Critical” Contribution to Apple Products

Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies at Apple, speaks about Israel's contributions to Apple products

Something Else for BDS-Holes to Boycott: Star Wars!

Another one of our own makes waves

Pro-Israel Poster: BDS And The WBC

Just because something might be non-violent, doesn't mean it's good

WATCH: Alan Parsons: Roger Waters And I Are No Longer in Touch

“We’re no longer in touch.”

Boy George Rips BDS-Holes at Nostalgic Israel Concert

While wearing his Star of David outfit, of course

WATCH: Alan Parsons: “Vast Majority of Artists Have Ignored [BDS]”

Definitely not music to Roger Waters' ears

Boy George Puts BDS-Hole in His Place

George will have none of it

WATCH: Old White Fuddy Duddies Sing of “Fighting on For Palestine”

Meet the Liverpool Socialist Singers

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