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Argentina Football Association Gives In To Palestinian Bullying & Intimidation

Not long after my previous post about Jibril Rajoub's efforts to have the Argentina-Israel friendly football game cancelled came news that the Argentina Football Association (AFA) relented.

One of My Favorite Photos of Israel Haters Of All Time

This photo of BDS-holes protesting in Berlin really says a lot - none of which they intended!

Talk About a Smoking Gun! BDS Umbrella Group Has Financial Ties to Palestinian Terror...

Thanks to a new report by Tablet, we now have proof of a financial relationship between a prominent BDS group and terrorist organizations

BDS Group CJPME Continues to Encourage People To Break the Law

Defacing store products is a criminal offence in Canada

Ice Cream Over These Half Baked BDS-Holes

An anti-Israel protest in Finland against ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's

WATCH: Enrique Iglesias Hearts Israel

He truly seems to be a chip off the old block

Exclusive: When Jews Party for Nakba – Undercover at DJs4BDS

Nothing beats a good party on a Saturday night in a dusky bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn, unless, of course, you are Jew with a...

WATCH: More Epic Trolling of BDS-Holes

More epic trolling!

WATCH: Epic Trolling of BDS-Holes

At a BDS demonstration in Paris, a pro-Israel person gets a couple of BDS-holes to recite something in Hebrew

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: BDS Done Properly

You sure you don't want ANY Israeli products on campus?

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