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Did I Grow Up in an Apartheid State?

The hypocrisy can't be clearer

WATCH: Daniel in the Lions Den

Kudos to this fine young man standing his ground with the Israeli flag - in the face of unadulterated hatred


How did we end up here? It's yet another paradox

BDS Fail: Toronto Palestine Film Festival Showing Israeli Films!

TPFF has defied BDS, showing 5 films from Israel

Igor Sadikov, McGill Student Rep, Urges Followers To “Punch a Zionist Today”

An Israel hater with an apparent penchant for violence

Canadian Building School Constructs Terrible Excuse For Banning Israelis

It seems the school constructs really lame excuses as well as houses

On Canada, Israel And Indigenous Peoples

Perhaps you can be more conscious of the fact that referring to Palestinians as “indigenous” lends a hand to their systematic campaign to rewrite Jewish history.

Montreal Student Asked to Remove Kippah At “Arabic” Concordia University

Antisemitism 101 being taught at Concordia

The First Israel-Born NHL Player?

Meet Israeli David Levin, a top prospect for the 2018 NHL Draft

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