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Sunday, July 24, 2016
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Toronto Store Owner Prevails Over The Evil Forces Of BDS

A store owner in Toronto has refused to cave in to BDS pressure

Canada Lodges Formal Complaint Over Abbas Blood Libel

Despite being post-Stephen Harper, the Canadians respond

More Bad News For Canadian BDSHoles

The BDS motion at McGill has failed ratification process

WATCH: Canadian MP Tom Kmiec Rips BDS

Another Canadian MP tells it like it is

MUST WATCH: Canadian Parliamentarian Anthony Housefather’s Masterful Ripping Of BDS

No teleprompter or cue cards. This is from the heart

WATCH: Where Does Ryan Bellerose Come From

And just how big is Israel compared to Alberta and Canada.

Israel Is Not America: Stop Treating Her That Way!

Refusing to acknowledge Israel's unique situation puts us all in grave danger

Poster Glorifying Violence Against Israelis Seen Where?

Utterly disgraceful and hardly surprising.

(Unintentional) Pro-Israel Advocate Of The Day

Thank you Canadian student from Gaza

Nova Scotia Encouraged Syrian Refugees to Seek Out ISIS

Syrian Refugees to Halifax: ISIS welcomes you!

Face The Threat Or Ignore It: The Choice Governments Have to Make

New kid on the block Medea explores what awaits us with Canada's new government
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