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Israeli Parking Masterclass – Unfit Police Edition

Israeli Police: an example to us all. A bad example, yes, but an example nevertheless.

“Concentration Camp” Gaza Now Manufacturing Its Own Cars

Welcome to Gaza, the world's only "concentration camp" which manufactures its own cars

Gaza Swarming With Cars

The Gazans are suffering..from too many cars

It’s Only Mud On A Mercedes

I have that car because of everything this country did for me.

Israeli Parking Masterclass 104

Israeli parking, the gift that keeps on not giving a damn

Israeli Parking Masterclass 103

#Israeliparking off road Israel style

To The Top Of The Hill And Down Again x3

In which an electric car drives back and forth to Jerusalem three times and no ice caps were melted

Israeli Parking Masterclass 102

#Israeliparking Another example of fine Israeli car parking skills

Israeli Parking Masterclass 101

#israeliparking An occasional feature of the "best" Israeli car parking skills.

When Ideology Gets In The Way

Volvo has produced a moderate electric car in a world screaming for extremes.

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