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Antisemitic Cartoon of the Day

antisemitic Arab cartoon

It’s amazing how the Arabs go out of their way to use antisemitic stereotypes. This one is from Amer Al Zohbi of the Albayan Newspaper in the UAE (taken from the Hamas website forum). Considering recent events in Dubai, you’d ...

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Anti-Zionist, Not Anti-Semitic

antisemitic cartoon

All Israel has to do is relinquish the territories captured in the Six Day war, and there will be no Arab-Israeli conflict. After all, the Arabs have nothing against the Jews. Just Zionists. Albayan, February 5, 2010 (United Arab Emirates) ...

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The Day In Israel: Mon Oct 19th, 2009

swiss goldstone cartoon

IDF sources responded to reports of Hizbullah finding Israeli “spying devices” by saying the incident was staged in an attempt to divert attention from the explosion of a weapons cache in southern Lebanon last week. Quite frankly, this is a ...

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