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WATCH: The Chanukah Song (Part One)

Time to break out the Chanukah song

WATCH: Elon Gold On Fire With Holidays Humor

One of my favorite comedians in action

Christmas at Hebrew U: An Interesting Biproduct Of Freedom Of Religion In Israel

Students seem to be overly accomdating to point of neglecting Chanukah

WATCH: Netanyahu Lights Second Chanukah Candle In Defiance Of UN Vote

The Western Wall is not occupied. The Jewish Quarter is not occupied. The other places are not occupied either. Therefore, we do not accept, nor can we accept, this resolution.

Zionist Burger Of Deathᵀᴹ

No. Just no.

A Lesson In Colloquial British

“To trouser” is a transitive verb meaning to accept or take a payment and put it in ones trouser pocket and leave.

Chanukah – Eighth Night


Chanukah – Seventh Night

I love this

Chanukah – Sixth Night

No people were injured in the making of this photograph
old city walls lit for Haunkkahvideo

WATCH: Jerusalem Hanukkah Lights

New Jerusalem Hanukkah sound and light show

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