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WATCH: Elon Gold On Fire With Holidays Humor

One of my favorite comedians in action

Christmas at Hebrew U: An Interesting Biproduct Of Freedom Of Religion In Israel

Students seem to be overly accomdating to point of neglecting Chanukah

WATCH: Binyamin Netanyahu’s Christmas Message

I don't know about you, but I think he sleighed it.

On The First Day Of Christmas Shirley Temper Said To Me

I guess it is no surprise that among all the instances of palestinians co-opting Christmas, Shirley Temper and gang would be involved

Palestinian Christmas Blood Libel: The Jews Shot Santa!

Pallywood, Christmas style

Why Jewish Israel Doesn’t Do Christmas

Not giving my kids presents, and dropping them at school on Christmas Day does not constitute child abuse.

(Palestinian) Santas Gone Wild

The claus are out

The Grinches Who Co-Opted Christmas

Guess who's at it again?

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Fail

Israel's official Twitter account unwittingly undoes the Great Schism
image Indian workers in Santa hats at Jaffa Gate

Good Vibrations: India And Israel

Indian Santas march to Bethlehem

Shimon Peres Jingles Not Quite All The Way

At 90 years of age, Israeli President Shimon Peres amazes many people with the things he is able to do. Singing Jingle Bells is not one of them

No Merry Christmas For Jonathan

Thanks to the President's holiday largesse, 21 criminals, including crack cocaine dealers, will be home with their families on Christmas Eve. But Jonathan Pollard is left behind in jail, ailing, and paying too high a price, by presidential fiat.

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