Sunday, February 14, 2016
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You Know Your Hatred For Israel Is Pathological When…

El Doucherino finds a hasbara boogeyman underneath every bed

The Islam and Judaism Expert

Yes, I know it's too easy. But it's also too much fun to discredit such a pathological hater of Israel.

Richard Silverstein Bashes Jewish Reporter Who Was Harassed In France

Silverstein confirms his twisted thinking, which involves hatred of Israel, religious Jews and, apparently, a low opinion of Muslims

Richard Silverstein And The Nazi-Israel Images

Could it be that Silverstein finds this kind of vile Nazi-Israeli comparison offensive?

Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): Now It’s Happened To Me!

Another guest post by our resident pest

DouchebloggerTM Silverstein Attacks Christians

What we've come to expect from El Doucherino

Madam Douchary

His agenda is clear, but not his gender apparently

Richard Silverstein Caught In Yet Another Lie

I've lost count

Richard Silverstein’s Only Comment On Har Nof Terror Attack

He's clearly utterly offended. Perhaps even sickened.

Richard Silverstein Falls For Spoof. Again

His combination of mendacity and stupidity provides delicious grist for the mill
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