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MUST WATCH: Palestinian Leader in East Jerusalem: “We Want to be Under Israel, Not...

This does not make for pretty viewing if you are an Israel hater

WATCH: Almost Close—A Jerusalem Chai Documentary

A short documentary about the peaceful work of Ateret Cohanim at the eye of the storm.

When Will Diaa Hadid Write About Polygamy In Palestinian Arab Society?

Casual references to polygamy in the New York Times raise questions

Grave Desecration: A Popular Sport

Graves are desecrated on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. It's happening now, but is an ancient story.

It’s Settled, It’s Only Illegal When Jews Do It

One one thing is illegal for Jews but legal for non-Jews
palestinian bin laden

For Those Who Think

Palestinian reactions to the liquidation of arch terrorist Osama bin Laden.

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