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Tommy Robinson Says He’s An Enemy Of The State: Book Review

This book is so far fetched and outrageous it falls into the category of nobody could make this stuff up.

This Is Just A Private Video

Look away now, another post about the EDL

Board Of These Deputies

Does the official voice of British Jewry have anything better to do than insult the EDL?

UK Muslims Commemorate 9/11

In their own way

English Dirty Laundry

This is about the EDL, the blogosphere and, by its nature it is a little "inside baseball".

Fight You With Us On The Morrow? I’d Rather Fight With The Enemy!

"... EDL turned up .... but we wouldn't have anything to do with them"

Murder Most Foul – Reaction Worse

Israel is the signature moral issue of our time.

Can A “Thuggish” Leader Of The EDL Speak Better Than Obama?

Kevin Carroll of the EDL at Luton: "Not Racist! Not Violent, Just No Longer Silent!" Nobody can accuse Kevin of a lack of national identity or crumbling religious belief.

Arutz 7 Israel National News And The EDL

The erosion of civil liberties combined with what at times seems like an anti-Israel lynch-mob atmosphere especially in much of the media and on campuses cannot be good for British Jews or for Israel.

New Right Old Wrong – Counter Jihad Is Not Left Or Right

Brian of London posts about his experience touring the area known as the Shomron with a delegation of politicians from Europe.

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