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Thank You For Making Me Smile Today

I'm suggesting if you've been following a blog or a writer for a while but they don't know it, dash off a quick note or a tweet or something because I can tell you: it can and does make a real difference.

Better Place Earth Day News

10 million electric km driven in Israel!

Do Petrol Heads Dream Of Electric Cars?

All you have to do is take out the exploding bit at the front and the entire nature of the car changes to something so refined it costs thousands more to match.

How Charged Up Is Your Battery?

In which I give a technical explanation of the battery reporting in Better Place's Renault Fluence ZE electric car.

We’ve Got a Full Battery Let’s Go To Eilat

Don't drone me! Live tracking by satellite as I attempt the amazing feat of driving 350km to Eilat in a battery powered car!

I Don’t Like Government Policy

Despite professing that they want to move Israel off Oil, they're making completely stupid moves

Why I’m Giving Up On My Electric Car

The love affair with @btrplc Better Place is over. I want a real car again!

A Brief Electric Vehicle Geek Out

The full gory details of Better Place's Oscar range estimation system and display of kWh as well as battery charge percentage

Just Another Day Without Oil

A half dozen little trips and a drive to Jerusalem and back. Easy.

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