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Netta Barzilai’s Winning Song Now Most Popular Eurovision Song Ever

It's official: not only did Israel's Netta Barzilai win Eurovision, but now the music video for her song Toy is the most popular on the Eurovision channel!

Eurovision Tweets A Genuinely WTF Tweet

Eurovision doesn't want you to book your tickets to Eurovision 2019 just yet. But why?

WATCH: NZ TV Presenter Can’t Resist Jab at Israel In Discussion on Eurovision Win

Hayley Holt could not resist getting political, putting "air quotes" around the idea that Jerusalem is Israel's capital

A Flashback To The 1999 Eurovision Song Contest In Israel

Next year in "city that can't be named"

The Guardian Can’t Escape Being The Guardian In Eurovision Article (Updated)

They can't quite shake their tendency to be The Guardian

PressTV Calls Eurovision Celebration “Rally Near Al Aqsa”

Iran's PressTV fails again

How Much Effect Does BDS Have? Netta’s Eurovision Results Say None

Israel doesn’t need to be loved, but it sure as heck feels nice to find out that we’re not hated enough to spoil a great party.

Eurovision Officials Ordered Jerusalem Not Be Mentioned as Israel’s Capital

This makes Netta's speech after winning even better than I imagined - and perhaps an inadvertent "@$#! you" to them

Israel’s Eurovision Winner Netta Accused of “Cultural Appropriation”

Believe it or not, Israel's latest Eurovision winner, Netta, has been accused of "cultural appropriation."

Israel’s Netta Wins Eurovision: “I Love My Country. Next Time in Jerusalem!”

You probably already heard the news already: Israel's Netta Barzilai won Eurovision last night

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