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Israel at Eurovision, How Times Have Changed

An interesting slice of history

WATCH: Dare To Dream Of Israeli Stars

“A gift to my country … the dreams that you dream really do come true” - Hovi Star.

WATCH: Eurovision 2016 Israel Is Shooting With Stars

We’ve got a guy called Star singing about stars. Is that star studded enough for you? #Eurovision

Swedish Eurovision Heroes In Herzliyah

He’s Swedish but he’s golden!

Eurovision Friends And Foes

Which countries loved Israel’s Eurovision entry and which countries didn’t? #Eurovision2015 #ISR

Israel’s Nadav Guedj Steps Through To Eurovision Final

The song and reactions to his performance. And footwear.

Eurovision Is Back And Israellycool Is On The Case!

The crown of most geographically odd European nation at Eurovision passes to a new holder!
image man dressed in long skirt.

Photo of the Day: Eurovision – Jerusalem Style

Like the Eurovision 2014 winner, but Jerusalem style.

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