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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Tesla Vs New York Times And Modern Journalistic Ethics

The days of dispassionate journalism have long since faded

Tesla Supercharger Super Sucks

I’d like to buy your car, it looks nice, it drives way nicer than the Mercedes I was considering and my kids will be happy because the polar bears will be saved.

One Day Better Place Happening!

Be there or be square!

Better Place Opens Up

Pour yourself a large cup of tea and settle in for a long write up of last nights special customer meeting

My Recipe For Success At Better Place

Better Place have failed to market themselves properly: they can turn that around

Learning To Listen To A New Type Of Car

I broke down

New Better Place Direction

Still driving forward

The Hellenisation Of Better Place

The Greeks are coming! But it's a good thing.

It Is With Some Regret That I Announce

The Better Place Visitor Centre is now a car salesroom only

An Update On The Better Place Story

In which I bring us all up to date on the electric car network of Better Place in Israel and elsewhere

Eilat And Back

Driving to Eilat in a Better Place car

Dear John, I Know You’re Anxious

Another Better Place explanation of range prediction for someone who's never heard of them.

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