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Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Is Facebook Purposely Building an Antisemitic Community?

There is no diversity of opinion in a community that deems the right for Jews to live in safety something negligible

Facebook Fine With Antisemitic Blood Libels

How is this possibly ok? 

Facebook Finnishes off Israel on Independence Day

Facebook commits a massive blunder on Israel's Independence Day. Or was it?

Facebook’s Grovelling Apology To Fatah

I wish I could say this is unbelievable

Epic Translation Fail Of The Day

Facebook is reportedly working on a tool to deal with fake news. They might also want to get cracking on one to deal with terrible translations.

Facebook Needs Arabic Help

A professional understanding of contemporary militant groups is critical, as is the ability to work in both English and Arabic.

“There is No Other Country On Earth That Thinks The Same Way We [Google]...

Business Insider asked executives from Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to explain why they use Israel for their R&D

Fatah Facebook Community Standards

There is no Fatah corruption at Rafah terminal (any more).

Facebook Turned On Safety Check For Tel Aviv Building Collapse

Facebook deployed its Israeli developed Safety Check feature in Tel Aviv for the first time.

Facebook Deems ‘Humans Of Jerusalem’ Unworthy

Something is clearly very wrong over at Facebook.

Facebook Is For Terrorists

While Facebook has banned Zahava and myself, lets take a look at who continues to operate freely on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site.

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