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Thursday, August 25, 2016
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Facebook Is For Terrorists

While Facebook has banned Zahava and myself, lets take a look at who continues to operate freely on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media site.

Jailhouse Crock

Zahava is also in Facebook jail

Facebook Attacks Again And Bans Me (Brian)

If your Facebook feed is relatively quiet, that’s because I’ve been silenced again.

WATCH: How And Why Facebook Can Be Sued In Israel

A simple law suit in Israel could establish that the practice of suspending pro-Israel pages on false charges amounts to defamation.

Facebook Deletes Another Pro-Israel Page (Updated)

Facebook has summarily deleted another pro-Israel, pro-truth, pro-reality page for the crime of supporting the Jewish State.

Reader Post: That Moment When You Become a Hasbara Troll

Reader Stacy got shut down by Jewish Voices for Peace on social media. So she called them

Facebook’s Easily Fooled Blocking System #FweeBwian

#FweeBwian Facebook has locked Brian of London in jail! Fwee Bwian!

Just Because You’re A Jew

I’m not sure if Mark Zuckerberg is wicked, simple or does not know how to ask a question. I’m pretty sure he’s not wise.

WATCH: More Facebook Nazi Translation Problems

Now Facebook seems to say that all Germany are The Nazis!

“Am Israel Chai” Violates Facebook Community Standards

More Facebook shame.

WATCH: The Truth About Brian’s Facebook Video On Israeli TV

Israeli TV Channel 10 Program “Hatzinor” featured my Facebook video about geographic hiding of Jew hatred.
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