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Friday, December 15, 2017
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Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Engages In Some Good Old Fashioned Antisemitism

This is not from Hamas. This is from our so-called peace partners, who assure us this is all just a territorial conflict

Fatah Facebook Page Unleashes Some Antisemitism to Mark Balfour Anniversary

Because they are only anti-Zionist"

Palestinians Celebrate Murder of Israelis In Har Adar Terror Attack (With Video)

While the palestinians incite, perpetrate and glorify murder, there is no chance for peace

Fatah Official: Arab Spring Was Israeli Conspiracy To Deflect From Palestinian Issue

A "peace partner" blames the Joooooooooooos

Facebook’s Grovelling Apology To Fatah

I wish I could say this is unbelievable

Official Fatah Facebook Page Inciting Hatred Against Jews

Promoting terrorism AND Jew hatred

Fatah Election Candidate Was Terrorist Accomplice Of World’s Best Teacher

A fact not being reported elsewhere

Fatah Facebook Community Standards

There is no Fatah corruption at Rafah terminal (any more).

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