Israellycool » Fatah Down Under Punditry in the Middle East Mon, 20 Jul 2015 19:04:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 ‘Peace Partners’ Post Wish For Netanyahu Hanging Sun, 04 Jan 2015 08:26:13 +0000 In the past few days, it has been widely reported how Fatah posted the following very un-PC un-peacey image on it’s official Facebook page.

fatah skulls image

After the image was discovered and publicized, our “peace partners” engaged in damage control, claiming it was the act of a lone gunman sole individual.

The political party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas posted a drawn image online showing a large pile of skulls and skeletons with Jewish stars on them.

An Israeli government spokesman called it “despicable.”

Along with the image, posted Wednesday to the Facebook page of the Fatah party, are the words “lingering on your skulls.”

When contacted by CNN on Friday, a member of the Fatah Central Committee disavowed the image.

“Fatah did not design this image,” Mahmoud al-Aloul said. The person who posted it to Fatah’s page “is currently being asked to remove it. The image and the text do not reflect the opinions of Fatah.” The image was then pulled from the page.

They subsequently posted the following image on the same Facebook page, showing Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu near a noose and the logo of the ICC. The implication is undeniable.

fatah image

Imagine if the office of Prime Minister Netanyahu posted a similar thing about Mahmoud Abbas. The media would be all over it.

The image has since been removed, but then again, so has any hope that we can obtain peace with the Abbas and the PA.

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New Round Of Hamas-Fatah Smackdown Fri, 07 Nov 2014 06:56:52 +0000 fatah-hamas

“A-hole!” “Poopyhead!”

While the rich Hamasholes in Gaza are getting fatter, Fatah are trying to get the Hamasholes.

A series of coordinated explosions targeted the homes of several leaders of President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party in the Gaza Strip early Friday, a party official said.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but the explosions occurred at a time of rising tensions with the rival Hamas movement.

Fayez Abu Eitta, a Fatah leader in Gaza’s Jebaliya refugee camp, said no one was hurt in the near-simultaneous attacks. He said his car was destroyed and the homes and cars of two other Fatah officials in Gaza City were also damaged.


Abu Eitta refused to speculate on who was behind the blasts, saying the incident was under investigation.

Let me guess. The “blockade” causes people to do mean things. Like try to bomb each other. So Israel is to blame.

Meanwhile, that loud noise and “exploding” coming from my house is the popcorn in the microwave.

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Who Ate All The Aid? Mon, 08 Sep 2014 07:49:36 +0000 Well according to the Fatah Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah, speaking on official Palestinian TV, it would appear that Hamas ate all the aid (and kept all the medicines) only distributing things to their friends.

Which would explain why everybody in Gaza is a friend of Hamas I suppose.

BTW, Google firmly believes there is a Palestinian State already:

Palestinian Prime Minister on Google State of Palestine

H/t to Tundra Tabloids and thanks for uploading.

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Reader Post: Understanding Pfalestinian Behavior as Addiction Tue, 15 Jul 2014 20:56:53 +0000 Children drinking[These thoughts have been rolling around in my head for some months now. I finally set it out formally in a reply to a commenter here.  I believe I have only one more before I run dry. A contemporary understanding of the yetzer hara (evil inclination)and yetzer tov (good inclination) as it applies to all sides in this conflict. I use Pfalestinian as a courtesy to the Levantine Arabs There is no velar plosive in Arabic]

It is my view that we are witnessing an addiction epidemic that dwarfs the drug and alcohol addictions seen elsewhere; or, possibly, the manifestation of addiction on a societal/cultural level.

Addiction always involves three actors. The Pusher, who ensnares addicts for personal gain of one kind or another. The Enabler/Co-Dependent, who supports and abets the Addict, in their addiction, for reasons related to their own issues. (While they loudly protest that they “care” about the addict, this is simply denial. It is the boost to their own self-image that they crave.) The Addict him/herself. Often the roles of Pusher and Enabler become interchangeable.

In all cases the Addict is responding to their inner turmoil, most often from the sharp disconnect between an exaggerated sense of their worth and the considerably meaner reality. They turn to their intoxicant to relieve this internal stress. The pattern is invariably the same. The intoxication prevents the addict from actually dealing with their internal issues and taking steps to change their condition. Since these remain unaddressed, they fester and grow ever worse, forcing the addict to use greater and greater doses of their intoxicant. This is multiplied by the fact that all intoxicants lose their potency in proportion to their frequency of use.

Addiction manifests itself (apart from rapidly deteriorating physical and mental health) in grandiosity, projection and delusion, byproducts of the underlying denial employed by the Addict to avoid the pain of detoxification they must endure before they can begin their recovery, and as justification for their actions.

Addiction cannot be cured, only managed. Weaning the addict onto another intoxicant has proven ineffective. Heroin was developed to combat, in this way, the plague of morphine and laudanum addiction that sprang up after the American Civil War and other contemporaneous wars in Europe and Asia.

The first requirement is to convince the Enabler/Co-Dependents to stop their support of the Addicts self-destructive behaviors, in the hope of hastening the time when the Addict comes to recognize that their addiction is the reason their lives are becoming increasingly unlivable. Interdiction of the intoxicant’s supply is problematic. In this particular case, since the addiction is to a meme, impossible

It is a very tenuous process. The recovering addict requires constant support which can only be provided by other addicts in recovery (Only they have the necessary authority.)

We have all of these elements in the Muslim world of today, except a recovery mechanism. Islamic culture was once the acme of human culture. Now it is ever more rapidly becoming an irrelevant backwater, plagued by illiteracy, misogyny, corruption and warfare, falling further and further behind the rest of the world.

The Muslims of the Levant are acutely confronted with this disconnect by the presence of the modern state of Israel. This is especially acute because in their worldview the Jews are the lowest of the low,  fit only to be dhimmis, “protected” minorities whose continued existence is to be discouraged by religiously mandated apartheid until they disappear.

The Pushers, in this schema, are the Levantine Arab rulers and elites who are in desperate need of a distraction from their monarchical or oligarchical mis-rule and endemic corruption, thereby to preserve their privileged position.

For whimsical reasons I’ve taken to calling the addiction “The Jews Ate My Homework”. Hence the Pushers mantra is “The Jews Ate Your Homework”

The Enablers/Co-Dependents are of two varieties. Other Muslim rulers/elites who have the same interest in a distraction from their mis-rule as the Levantine Arabs, and the Western intellectual, political and media elites. These persist being Enablers because of the warm fuzzy glow they get believing that they are supporting the “brown” man from the depredations of the malevolent “white” colonialist Jews. Their mantra is “The Jews Ate Their Homework.”

This is absurd. First of all 50% of Israeli Jews are Mizrahi (“brown” by the standards that they use to make such distinctions.) Secondly, it has been less than 70 years since the Jews were deemed, in the most scholarly scientific way to be an “inferior race.”

Jews are slightly less than 0.2% (.002) of the worlds population. By successful use of the propaganda technique known as the “Big Lie”. The actual “David v Goliath” relationship between the Jews and the Arabs has been inverted. This is what drives the shitstorm of bile directed at Israel from the academy and other elites. But such are the delusions of the Enabler/Co-Dependent.

The Addicts are the Levantine Arabs, with reflected occurrences throughout the Muslim world, who either become addicts themselves or their most vociferous enablers. Their mantra is “The Jews Ate My Homework.”

The rapid and disastrous declines in mental and physical health of individual Arabs and its cognates in the physical infrastructure and political economy is evident. Denial, and its byproducts of grandiosity, projection and delusion are apparent everywhere in Levantine Arab discourse. “We’re going to open the Gates of Hell on you.” When, in fact, Iron Dome sweeps away their pea-shooter rockets, and the IAF strikes them with impunity. “The foremost duty of all Muslims is the “Resistance to the Zionist Colonial Occupier.” It is not possible for an indigenous people to be colonial occupiers of their ancestral lands; that is an oxymoron. The projection of the Levantine Arabs violent fantasies of what they desire to do to Israel onto Israel in particular and Jews generally. Thus 150 killed in Gaza (primarily a function of Hamas’ use of civilian shields) becomes “Genocide” in the mouth of Abbas.

Unfortunately this analysis does not provide any insight (I can discern) about a way forward. Muhammad (may peace come to abide in his dwellings) forbade his adherents alcohol, so there is no recognition of this phenomenon, and no mechanism to model recovery on. The honor/shame dynamic which permeates their culture makes the first step of recovery, admitting to yourself and publicly that you have screwed up (behaved shamefully), virtually impossible to undertake.

Since the addiction (as I stated before) is to a meme, interdiction of the supply is impossible. Transferring the addict to a different intoxicant (Jinns, Europeans, Americans, Multinational Corporations) is ineffective, as described above, and morally dubious at best.

Western philosophy is predicated on individual agency. The idea of collective action and collective responsibility cannot exist in this universe of discourse. The Laws of Warfare and the related Geneva Conventions are explicitly stated in terms of individual agency. The distinction between civilians and combatants; and the prohibitions and distinctions which must be drawn by warring parties between such, and the doctrine outlawing “collective punishment” all spring from this paradigm.

It is also deeply embedded in Jewish tradition. One of the most important memes of Jewish culture are the verses 20-32 of Genesis 18. In this brief text Abraham (the founder) argues and negotiates with the “Creator of the Universe” concerning the fate of Sodom. “Wilt thou slay the righteous with the wicked? So that the righteous shall be as the wicked? Shall not the God of Justice do justly? (paraphrased)

This prevents actions such as carpet bombing, the cutting off of electricity, medicines, foodstuffs and economic support, so that the Addicts are forced to confront the consequences of their actions, untenable.

But that is what must happen. I just don’t see how. Contemplating it makes me very depressed. I have no answers. I float this out onto the “collective unconscious” (now embodied as the internet), in the hope that a brighter mind than mine (or many minds working together) can find a way.

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What Will It Take For US To Renounce Palestinian Unity Government? Thu, 10 Jul 2014 20:11:21 +0000 When the reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas was first announced in April, the US State Department stressed the need for nonviolence in any unity government.  At an April 23 press briefing, State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki stated that “our principles on the issue of reconciliation have been consistent for decades. Any Palestinian government must unambiguously and explicitly commit to nonviolence, recognition of the state of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements and obligations between the parties.”

In June, when the “technocratic” unity government was actually formed, the State Department appeared to make its recognition conditional on adherence to those principles, with spokesperson Jen Psaki telling reporters that, “based on what we know now, we intend to work with this government . . . . [the US] will be judging this government by its actions.”  Psaki added that “We will continue to evaluate the composition and policies of the new government, and if needed, we will recalibrate our approach.”  From such statements, one would expect that the Obama administration would hold the new government accountable for violence stemming from within the Palestinian territories.

Will the US State Department hold true to its word?

Will the US State Department hold true to its word?

Since rocket fire from Gaza resumed several days ago, both White House and State Department spokespeople have condemned it. It has now become apparent that some members of Fatah, as well as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are participating in the violence.  As of yesterday’s press briefing, however, there has been no effort made to hold the Palestinian unity government accountable, and no indication that the administration intends to reconsider the US position on the Hamas government.  Although the State Department’s assertion that Hamas does not play a role in the new government is absurd on its face, the US policy of “working with this government” does not appear to have changed.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren has reportedly pointed out that “[r]ight now the administration sees no contradiction between condemning the Hamas rocket fire and maintaining its recognition of the Hamas-Fatah unity government.” The US government currently has some serious questions to answer, such as, how can the government of the United States continue to work with a government that has clearly become a sponsor of terrorism?  The very same factions that are currently controlling the Palestinian government are now responsible for rocket fire on major cities.  If rockets on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are not sufficient for the US to reconsider its recognition of this Hamas government, what would be?

At this point the US is clearly not holding true to its word that it would  “judg[e] this government by its actions.”

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Fatah Supports The Kidnapping Of Israeli Teens Wed, 18 Jun 2014 17:52:59 +0000 Fatah’s Facebook page has posted this:

Some might say it’s just a hand with “Palestine” written on it, and that you can’t connect it to the disgusting “3 Shalits” trend.

Well, I can, since Fatah also posted this:

The description says: From Yarmouk camp, and then there’s the #ثلاث_شلاليط hashtag. That’s the Arabic “3 Shalits” social media tag that’s been used by Palestinians since the day after the kidnapping last week.

So by publicly endorsing this hashtag, Fatah – and I don’t mean the technocrats, but the 270,000 likes, grassroots, on-the-street, political dogma Fatah – are endorsing the kidnapping of Israeli civilians.

Now, you could say that it’s just a viral thing, and Fatah is just riding the wave to free thousands of convicted terrorists.

Well, this is Fatah’s emblem:


That green thing is the outline of the entirety of  Israel.

To sum up, Fatah, our peace partners, are just as bad as Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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Hamas Refers To 9-Year Old Girl Shot By Terrorist As “Settler” Wed, 09 Oct 2013 15:04:08 +0000 From the Hamas website:

Ramallah- A Jewish female settlers was seriously wounded on Saturday in a possible sniper attack in Psagot settlement to the northeast of Ramallah city, the Israeli police claimed.

The Israeli police are still investigating all options, including the possibility that the Psagot settlement was infiltrated by a Palestinian resistance fighter, according to different media reports.

The Israeli settler was shot outside her dwelling and taken to an Israeli hospital in occupied Jerusalem. Israelis claim she is in critical condition, although media pictures of her show otherwise.

The “Jewish female settler” mentioned was, of course, 9-year-old Noam Glick, pictured below .


Yep, Hamas relates to all Israelis – young and old alike – as “settlers”, worthy of extermination.

Mind you, so does Mahamoud Abbas’ Fatah.

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If The Fatah Won’t Boycott Israel, Who Will? Wed, 24 Jul 2013 12:27:09 +0000 Scales_of_justiceMore #BDSFail to be laughing at. From the Times of Israel:

Mohammed Dahlan petitions International Criminal Court, demanding lost job and property; slams PA leader for corruption.

Dahlan, who currently resides in Dubai and Europe, hired an Israeli law firm to file the complaint with the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the Yedioth Ahronoth daily reported on Wednesday. The firm is run by Zaki Kamal, the deputy president of the Israel Bar Association, and his son, Kamal Kamal.

Oh dear, I suppose he had to use an Israeli firm.

We covered the fight between Dahlan and Fatah back when it happened. Not many did.

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Hamas-Fatah Smackdown Watch Wed, 17 Jul 2013 05:53:51 +0000 Yeah, keep the popcorn handy

Update: Thanks to Jono for this poster:


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Popcorn Time Mon, 08 Jul 2013 19:37:03 +0000 Just weeks after a Hamas-Islamic Jihad smackdown comes news of more internal terrorist organization strife.

Things have gotten worse with Hamas-Fatah relations since the golden “Animal Party” years

Palestinian Authority factions Hamas and Fatah are at it again.

Fatah spokesman Ahmed Assaf on Sunday accused Hamas of being responsible for Egypt closing the Rafiah border crossing with Gaza. Egypt decided to close the crossing, he claimed, because Hamas had intervened in Egypt’s internal affairs in favor of its parent movement the Muslim Brotherhood.

Assaf said that Hamas’s position does not represent the “Palestinian people” and, in fact, causes damage to their interests. As well, he claimed, Hamas hurts the efforts “to end the occupation, establish a Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem and the bring about the return of the refugees.”

Rather than spending millions of dollars on television and radio channels which fully support the Muslim Brotherhood against the will of the Egyptian people, said Assaf, Hamas should have made use of these channels to serve the “Palestinian cause” and avoid stirring up internal conflict in Egypt.

He also claimed that Hamas intervenes in the internal affairs of other countries such as Lebanon and Syria according to the guidelines of the Muslim Brotherhood, while ignoring the will and interests of the Palestinian Authority Arabs. Hamas leaders live in ivory towers, charged Assaf, while Gaza residents are paying the price of their policy.

Ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas’s parent movement which in recent months has been helping Hamas in its attempts to be removed from the U.S. and European countries’ lists of terrorism organizations.

Hamas and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah have been at odds since Hamas violently seized control of Gaza in 2007.

And it gets even better.

The Fatah Palestinian party in the West Bank have called for Palestinians to overthrow its rival, the Islamist Hamas group that rules the Gaza Strip.


The Egypt Independent also quoted the Palestine Liberation Organization official Yasser Abd Rabboh saying that, “We [Fatah] hope the historic transition in Egypt will lead Hamas to approve real democratic elections for the sake of the [Palestinian] homeland. Hamas must recognize that the [Muslim] Brotherhood can no longer protect it.”

He went on to say that, “The name Hamas has a negative connotation at the grassroots level. They are helping terrorists and jihadist gangs in Sinai against the Egyptian Army.”

He also stated that, “The United States and Israel now know that the agreements they made with the Brotherhood no longer matter.”


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