Sunday, May 1, 2016
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Video: Wednesday Night Funny – The No Rhyme Rap

This post has no political musing, analysis or rants Just a song so funny you might just pee your trousers

Terrorist Moron Of The Day

Taking moron to a whole new level!

Monday Funny: Obama And The Signer Edition

Get ready to spit your coffee all over your monitor....

Thursday Night Funny

Jewish comedian Elon Gold's take on accents

Thursday Night Funny

If a cricket commentator announced a baseball game

Wednesday Night Funny

This will have you barking out loud

Cleaning Out The Toilet

This tweet from a spaceman made me laugh this morning. What ever you're doing today, do it well. Aussie Dave adds: I really hope that's not...

Dumb Ways To Die

Not exactly what you think this post will be.
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