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A Photo You Likely Won’t See In the Mainstream Media

This photo does not fit the narrative the mainstream media is pushing...but it needs to be seen

Plenty to Like About NY Times Report on Gaza

I know, it is a post title you may be surprised to see from me. Heck, I am surprised I felt the need to write it

MUST WATCH: Gaza’s Thriving Economy

It actually makes me almost want to visit. Alas, the bloodthirsty terrorists and Hitler store kind of put me off.

Hamas Running Scared

Those brave lions of Hamas seem to be soiling their pants right about now.

Palestinian Information Center Digs Themselves Into a Hole

Hate site the Palestinian Information Center got excited today over a new archaeological find in Gaza. Bad for them.

WATCH: Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda Video of the Day

A video about a house in Gaza converted into a restaurant has some (unintentional) laughs

Double Apartheid and Genocide Fail of the Day

This is not noteworthy because it is a rare occurrence, but because these things are hardly ever reported by the mainstream media

“Concentration Camp” Gaza’s Latest Barracks

Thank you to the antisemitic Palestinian Information Center, which I find ever so helpful!

Al Cubs

Yet another palestinian propaganda ploy

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