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Tags Gaza

Tag: Gaza

AJ+ Has People Buzzing With Latest Propaganda Video

Those poor Gazans resorting to getting stung by bees because of those evil Jooooos!

Guest Post (Mahdi Satre): A Little Bit About Hamas

Proud Zionist Israeli-Arab Mahdi Satre has a message for Hamas

Gaza Summer Camps: Besides Everything Else, Extreme Child Abuse

Do you really care about Gaza's children?

Hamas Caught Brutalizing Gazans

According to Arab media reports, even children and elderly people were not spared.

Ban Ki-moon In Gaza And What A Covered Map Tells Us

Moon visits a UNRWA school where they cover a map of the entire land of Israel

UK Increasing Budget For EUBAM Monitors Who Left Gaza Border In 2007

This crack team of eurocrats has been on perpetual standby for almost a decade!

More Scenes From “Concentration Camp” Gaza…Brought To Us By A Hater

Thanks for the photos, Farah. You saved me time having to look!
kerem shalom sign

Images From The Kerem Shalom Crossing

More on this so-called Gaza blockade

Israel Can’t Even Get A Siege Right!

Watching Israeli incompetence in running a siege is just plain boring.

WATCH: Disturbing Footage From A Kindergarten Party In Gaza

Appalling incitement and child abuse

Palestinian Report Submitted To WHO Contained Blood Libels Debunked On Israellycool

More likes may have influenced recent anti-Israel UN resolution
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