Thursday, May 5, 2016
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Humanitarian Aid For An Impoverished People

What amazing things the Palestinians could have done with $100,000

Bonfire Of The Damned

Who said this isn't a religious war?

Corbyn’s Kindergarten Killers

Political elites cloaking their hatred of Jews behind their support for the so-called “Palestinian” cause

Gazan Parkour Less Impressive Than The Mental Gymnastics

A tragic accident, and Ma'an is there to blame Israel. Alas, the truth speaks volumes

Gaza, Where The Victims Victimize

It’s a hard knock life
Hamas rocket

Reader Post: Disproportionate Responses

Are the Israeli responses disproportionate?

Photo Of The Day: Starving In “Concentration Camp” Gaza

No doubt about it - he's hungry

How Did Bernie Get His Gaza Numbers So Wrong?

How could he be so wrong and not rethink his assumptions?

Israel Has The Right To Defend Itself, But…

It wasn't just Bernie Sanders's lack of knowledge on display in his recent interview

Hey Bernie Sanders: Fix Detroit Before Gaza

Detroit is just as impoverished as Gaza, but I doubt Bernie Sanders can blame that on Jews.
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