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Saturday, January 21, 2017
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Gaza To Get New Comedy Festival

No joke

Meanwhile Relentless Jihad Continues In Israel

Two unreported terror attacks and how I almost got shot by Hamas.

Scenes From Hamas’ 29th Anniversary Parade In Gaza

Nothing to see here, move along

Exclusive: From Jew-Hating Gazan to Lover of Israel

A hopeful story of one man's transformation

Of Conjoined Twins And “Double-Dipping” In Gaza

What would the Norwegian doctor say?

Israel Nets Hamas Weapons Smuggler

Don't fall for the anti-Israel narrative hook, line and sinker.

Al Jazeera And The Worst Genocide Ever

In an Al Jizz report on Gazans protesting against UNRWA aid cuts, an inconvenient fact for Israel haters

Yet Another Poll: What Do Palestinian Arabs Think Now?

A two-state solution to the Palestinian Arab versus Israel conflict has the support of just 49% of Palestinian Arabs.

WATCH: South African Ambassador to Israel Upsets Israel Haters At Press Conference

Because freedom of speech should not apply to everyone, apparently.
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