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Zionist Pugs Cartoon: The Throwback

1938 vs 2018

Palestinian Students Denied Rights At Universities

Do you think Roger Waters and company will call for the boycott of these universities, "human rights" organizations will raise a stink, and the mainstream media will even cover this?

Those Flaming Terrorists!

It seems the terrorists have come up with new ways to try and cause death and destruction - at the "non-violent" protests near the Gaza fence.

Gaza: There Was Evening, And There Was Morning….And It Was Good

The Palestinian Information Center sure love posting lies and propaganda. But occasionally they do post the truth

Priceless! UNRWA Officials Evacuated to Israel Following Threats From Enraged Gazan Staff

Despite working 24/7 towards our destruction, guess who UNRWA turned to in order to save their tuchuses from the people they are supposedly helping?

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: More Match Than March

The portray vs the reality

Piece on Racism Against “Black Palestinians” in Gaza Also Honest About Origins of Palestinians

Besides showing that claims that the palestinians are against all forms of racism is simply not true, it is honest about the origins of these "palestinians" - as well as the origins of other ones.

Did ‘Doctors Without Borders’ Terrorist Foreshadow His Deadly Intentions?

It seems this nurse really did not have any borders

Palestinian Propagandists Make Asses of Themselves (Again)

Slow news day? Of course, we do not know the actual story here. Are the soldiers actually "detaining" the donkeys at all? If so, why?...

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: Protection

Because apparently Gazans need protection from Israel
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