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South African Celebrity Shashi Naidoo Gets Death Threats After Pro-Israel Comments

Barely a month after Gareth Cliff's highly publicized comments defending Israel, fellow South African celebrity Shashi Naidoo has done the same thing, earning the ire of the haters

Palestinian Fire Condoms of Doomᵀᴹ

Old and busted: palestinian fire kites and balloons. New hotness: palestinian fire condoms

Ammunition Manufacturer to Israel Haters: Stop Using Our Photos & Making Stuff Up!

A clear display of annoyance towards the Israel haters who are disseminating this falsehood

Scenes from Palestinian Eid al-Fitr Celebrations

With Muslims around the world celebrating Eid al-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, I have noticed a number of interesting and revealing photos of the various palestinian Eid celebrations

WATCH: Nikki Haley: Anti-Israel Resolution “Makes Peace Less Possible”

The Sheriff opened her mouth yesterday at the UN General Assembly. Which means she said something sensible and post-worthy

WATCH: The March of Return and Why Israel Has Had To React As It...

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, Head of the International Media Branch of the IDF Spokesperson, explains (well) what is going on with the so-called "March of Return" and why Israel has had to react - sometimes with lethal force

What Will Democrat Jews Do If Bernie Sanders Is Their Future?

“Bernie Sanders, who now stands a better chance of becoming president than any Jew in American history”

Zionist Pugs Cartoon: The Crying Game

Because they have no interest in avoiding casualties

Who Was Haitham Muhammad Khalil al-Jamal? Palestinians Cannot Seem to Stick to One Story

As usual, the palestinians cannot seem to keep their story straight

Friday Riot Chutzpah

Just a few items that show the palestinians are the masters of "chutzpah"

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