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What Was a Deaf & Mute Palestinian Teen Doing at Violent Riots?

The death of palestinian teen Tahrir Wahba from wounds sustained at recent "March of Return" riots, is instructive

Palestinians Despairing Israel Withdrew From Gaza (Making It Harder to Maim Us)

Some palestinians are in despair because - wait for it - Israel withdrew from Gaza, making it harder for them to hurt our soldiers!

Those Demanding Return to Israel Make Clear They Want No Jews There

In case the images of violence and attempts to damage and breach the border fence have not clued you in to the fact that these "protesters" do not really want peace, perhaps their leaflets will do the trick

The Palestinians’ Added Layer of Mockery To “Swastika” Kite

There is something with the "Swastika" kite most people seem to have missed

An Open Letter From An Israeli About Friday’s “Atrocities”

A letter from an Israeli who is sick and tired of foreigners and uninformed virtue signallers telling us what to do.

Palestinians Score Own Goal With Latest Propaganda Video

The Palestinian Information Center has posted the latest palestinian propaganda video, which aims to portray their Friday "marches of return" as non-violent resistance. The introductory sentence should already clue you in that this video is an own-goal

The Latest Lame Palestinian “March of Return” Propaganda Ploys

Just when you think you've seen it all at the Hamas-led "march of Return" riots, the palestinians manage to find new ways to spread the propaganda

Scenes From Today’s “Non-Violent” Gaza Protest

Images from today's March of Return shenanigans

About That Tire Shortage in Gaza…

Remember how the palestinians criticized Israel’s decision to stop tire imports to Gaza - after they set tens of thousands on fire during Friday's "March of Return" - asserting that there is a shortage of tires there?

Anti-Israel Celebrity Numbskull of the Day: Lauren Jauregui

Singer Lauren Jauregui has decided to single Israel out, as Assad targets civilians with chemical weapons

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