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An Inspector Calls

More trouble for Galloway’s favourite law firm and the woman who's trying to kick him out of parliament.

Better Call Talut: The Interesting List Of Galloway’s Lawyers’ Expertise

If you decide to break bad in Bradford, you know who to call!

Dear George, This Is Probably Why People Have Called You An Antisemite

George Galloway, consider this an educational post

George Doesn’t Like To Be Silenced

I'll let you draw your own conclusions. Otherwise he'll sue me.

George Galloway Humiliated On Twitter

Seemed like a good idea at the time?

George Galloway Gets Some Unwanted Support From Antisemite

The Israel hater who doesn't like to be called "antisemitic" is sure to hate this

Must Watch: George Galloway Digs A Deeper Hole (Updated)

Galloway disgraces himself again

George Galloway Would Strangle Bibi If He Could

"I wouldn’t just fire rockets, I’d fight them with my bare hands if I could get my hands on the people responsible"

George Galloway Retweets Hitler Admirer

Ok, not THE Hitler but someone who clearly admires him

George Galloway: “It’s A Mistake Trying To Outsmart Me On Palestine”

You have to hand it to George Galloway. He has a great sense of humor.

BREAKING: George Galloway Suspect Named

Suspect: "As a Catholic, it grieves me deeply that the catholic church was confederate-in-chief in antisemitism”.

George Galloway Goes Down And Atzmon Swings At Jews

One Jew hater hits the ground and somehow the “time is ripe for the MI5 to step up its operation within the Jewish community."

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