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Educational Video Hands Israel Over To Syria (Updated)

It seems Wendover would like us all to...bend over

List Of Car, Stabbing And Mortar Attacks This Weekend In Israel

Here’s a list of all the attacks we’ve had in Israel just since Friday 16th September 2016. #RelentlessJihad

No, Israel Did Not Clear A Refugee Camp Inside Syria

Every time Israel takes preemptive actions, the usual "Israel Bad" crowd spreads lies. Here's one such lie debunked

Photos Of The Day: Snow And Winter Back In The North

This is the Golan Heights. The part of Israel formerly known as Syria.

UNDOF, 1974-2014

All UNDOF personnel have withdrawn from the Syrian side of the 1974 cease-fire line

ATGM Attack On Golan Civilians Proves Once More UNDOF Is Useless

The only thing UNDOF “keeps" doing is spend time and money

Li(f)e On The Golan

Why Karl Vick is still an idiot.

Useless Feel Good Act Of The Day

All we are saying, Is give peace a cha... Oh S*** run! The shells are coming.

Live-Blogging Jerusalem Snow 2013 Day Two #Shelegeddon

Day two of snow across Israel and #shelegeddon

Another Syrian Mortar, Another Ignorant Media Myth

For the second straight day, journalists expose their incompetence regarding Israel and Syria

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