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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Does Anyone Here Understand How Being A Superpower Works?

Please direct your concerns about our Israel policy to that brick wall over there.

WATCH: Nikki Haley’s UN General Assembly Speech for the Ages

Stunning stuff from Nikki Haley at the UN today

Palestinian Solidarity or The Illusion of Truth? Nakba Day at the UN

It was a tough day to be at the UN that day.

A Day in the UN: “Zionism is a Weapon of Mass Destruction”

The single question that keeps popping in my head as I’m sitting at the UN headquarters in New York City is: how did we end up here?

WATCH: Iranian Representative at UN Gets His Jew Hatred On

Not that we should be shocked by anything at the UN anymore

A Gun Pointed at the Palestinian’s Heads” – a Palestinian Historian Talks About Balfour

Reader Virag reports on a lecture on the Balfour Declaration at the UN

UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Twists Meaning of Balfour Declaration

Ambassador Allen twists the meaning of the Balfour Declaration to suit his agenda.

WATCH: Binyamin Netanyahu’s Address to UN General Assembly

The speech has it all - including penguins, a John McEnroe quote, and Farsi.

Shameful Moments in UNGA History: Arafat’s 1974 Address

Where the arch terrorist threatened more violence during his UNGA address

Official United Nations Map of Israel Has No National Capital

I can't believe this seems to have been discovered only now

UN Secretary-General António Guterres And the Modern Antisemite

António Guterres shows his hypocrisy

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