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What We Learn From The Palestinian Reactions To Latest Jerusalem Terror Attack

I want to turn your attention to on another aspect of this story: The reactions of the terrorist organizations

What IS Surprising About Red Crescent Claim Hamas Fired Rockets From Field Hospital

What I find really surprising about all of this is Hamas' response to these claims

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn Defending His Terrorist “Friends” & Attacking Israel

The terror supporting antics of Labor leader and PM candidate Jeremy Corbyn

Flying Pig Alert: AP Comes Down Hard On Hamas

Bonus: Israel is not blamed

Hamas Bans Dog Walking In Gaza

You can't make this stuff up

EXCLUSIVE: Hamas Unveils New Logo

I can't bear this anymore

Exclusive: New Hamas Policy Document, Illustrated Edition

The 'new' Hamas is the same as the 'old' Hamas

New Gaza Board Game Teaches Terrorism To Kids

It are things like this that guarantee we won't have peace anytime soon

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