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New Gaza Board Game Teaches Terrorism To Kids

It are things like this that guarantee we won't have peace anytime soon

Richard Silverstein Shills for Hamas (Yet Again)

The pathological hater of Israel up to his old tricks

Yahya Sinwar Takes Over From Ismail Haniyeh As Hamas Leader In Gaza

A hardliner, even among Hamasholes

WATCH: Hamas’ Latest Gory Video Full Of Antisemitic Imagery

But keep telling yourself this is merely a land dispute.

Hamas Child Abuse Of The Day

More sick images from our neighbors

Roger Waters’ Latest Display Of Shameless Hypocrisy

Another example of this man's selective indignation

Hamas Proves Again They Are Raving Antisemites

Unbridled Jew hatred

Meanwhile Relentless Jihad Continues In Israel

Two unreported terror attacks and how I almost got shot by Hamas.

Scenes From Hamas’ 29th Anniversary Parade In Gaza

Nothing to see here, move along

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