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WATCH: Rowan Dean Rips Bob Carr for Legitimizing Terrorism

Rowan Dean on The Bolt Report, injecting some truth in to the debate, as well as ripping Bob Carr for legitimizing terrorism

Busted! Palestinian “Medic” Killed Was a Hamas Terrorist

Another Hamas terrorist exposed

Senior Hamas Official Admits At Least 50 of Those Killed On Monday Were Hamas...

Senior Hamas-hole Salah Bardawil seems to have a big mouth. Or he figures we do not bother looking at the Arabic. Or he is just stupid.

Tamika Mallory Thinks Hamas Use of Human Shields Can be Viewed as “Bravery”

Women's march co-founder Tamika Mallory cannot bring herself to condemn Hamas, and even seems to be praising them

But Mr. Haniyeh, Why is My Bus Ticket to the March of Return Only...

"Maybe I could work in the Hamas Headquarters Bunker underneath Gaza Hospital! That seems like a nice job."

Yes, Hamas Is Behind March of Return, and Is Threatening More Violence and Death

Remember Hamas' words when you hear of more casualties.

The #FakeNews Casualty Nonsense Continues

Ha’aretz and all the news wires are continuing to report #FakeNews casualty counts from Hamas.

Palestinian Asks IDF Soldiers To Shoot Him So He Can Receive Stipend From Hamas

It was almost the perfect plan: get shot and create more bad PR for the Zionist enemy, and receive money. There was just one hitch.

Yet More Blind Dissemination Of Hamas Propaganda By Ha’aretz

Somehow in the course of just two days the Hamas casualty figures have DECREASED by 201 people!

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