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WATCH: What’s Your Favorite Word In Hebrew?

Old and busted: the pot calling the kettle black New hotness: the boy calling the kettle his favorite word

Video: Non-Jews Try To Identify And Then Speak Hebrew

The premise is simple, the results humorous

Where Shaquille O’Neal Shows Off His Hebrew

Shaq's at it again

Reader Post: Ease Is Intimidating

Guest poster Talya writes about her Aliyah experience

Using Auto-Translate: A Cautionary Tale

Never use auto-translation sites to help with your tattoo needs

Not Just TV, Books Too

If my relationship with Hebrew had to have a status, I’d pick, “It’s complicated.”

Bing Maps Fail Hebrew

Someone at Bing had the bright idea to use Arabic transliterations for Hebrew place names. They failed

The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything

It's Google in Hebrew.

Seth Rogen Teaches Hebrew To Elmo

Hollywood actor Seth Rogen teaches Elmo an important word in Hebrew

Sheket B’vakasha In Da House!

Check out #9 of NBA TV's top 10 from a few days ago.

Condi’s a Verb

Did you know that Condoleezza Rice has made a contribution to Israel? As Tim McGirk of Time writes: I feel sorry for Condoleezza Rice. That’s a...

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