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Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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Tag: Hebron

Hebron walls of Cave of Patriarchs

7 Shocking Scenes of Hebron

Poor, sad Arab Hebron. Another narrative for UNESCO maybe, but not from what we saw.

List Of Car, Stabbing And Mortar Attacks This Weekend In Israel

Here’s a list of all the attacks we’ve had in Israel just since Friday 16th September 2016. #RelentlessJihad

WATCH: Palestinian Loses Game Of Rock Paper Scissors

He never got a chance to get to the rock. But I'm sure that was in his arsenal.

Fatah Election Candidate Was Terrorist Accomplice Of World’s Best Teacher

A fact not being reported elsewhere

Tommy Robinson Thrown Out Of Cambridge And Why You Should Worry (Updated)

Europe’s struggle with belligerent parts of their Muslim populations is exactly the same as Israel’s

Know Your History: The 1929 Hebron Massacre

More insight into that fateful day 87 years ago

Guest Post: Hebron 1929 – My Grandfather Never Forgot

Eliyahu Yissachar zt”l, my Zeida never forgot you

Publishing Peter Beinart’s Press Release Is Not Journalism

All Beinart and Farooqi did was occupy an Arab’s land and wreck his goats’ grazing!

Two Heinous Acts; Two Very Different Parents

Father of Dallas shooter: "I love my son with all my heart; I hate what he did"

Why Would Any Jew Want To Live In Hebron?

I did not really understand it myself until I looked up the Tomb of the Patriarchs on Google maps

Michael Chabon Shoos Away Pesky Jews

Chabon becomes another "stock" character of the "occupation"

What I Think About B’Tselem And The Hebron Soldier

B’Tselem are for the destruction of Israel: they’re not pro-Palestinian.
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