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Saturday, July 2, 2016
Tags Hillary Clinton

Tag: Hillary Clinton

NGO Monitor Report Claims US Government Funding BDS Groups

If Clinton opposes BDS, she should denounce Obama administration funding of BDS groups

Reader Post: Blumenthal – The Unlikely Jew to Bring Hillary Down?

G-d works in mysterious ways

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Paula continues her series

Three Things Clinton Can Do Right Now To Reassure Pro-Israel Voters

Even while she is still campaigning, she can demonstrate that her promises are more than just words

I Know Why Trump Got A Standing Ovation, Believe Me!

It's not black and white, believe me!

WATCH: Presidential Candidate Speeches At AIPAC (With Poll)

All the speeches and you get to vote!

Will The Democrats Go The Way Of Labour?

Former leader of Oxford University Labour Club describes how the club turned a blind eye to anti-Semitism in its ranks

PMW Wiped Off YouTube Again (Updated)

Years of work by Palestine Media Watch PMW just wiped off the web by YouTube.

Will David Cameron Refuse A Visa For Huma Abedin?

For years Huma Abedin has been tied at the hip to Hilary Clinton. She is also deeply connected with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Caption This: When Hillary Met Yair

A photo begging for a caption

Hillary Clinton Op-Ed Is Acknowledgment That Obama Hurt US-Israel Relationship

But Clinton fails to persuasively argue that she would change course

Here’s Where Hamas Could Shoot From Hillary Clinton

Here’s a screen shot from Google Earth of a chunk of northern Gaza. What do you see?
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