Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Will David Cameron Refuse A Visa For Huma Abedin?

For years Huma Abedin has been tied at the hip to Hilary Clinton. She is also deeply connected with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Caption This: When Hillary Met Yair

A photo begging for a caption

Hillary Clinton Op-Ed Is Acknowledgment That Obama Hurt US-Israel Relationship

But Clinton fails to persuasively argue that she would change course

Here’s Where Hamas Could Shoot From Hillary Clinton

Here’s a screen shot from Google Earth of a chunk of northern Gaza. What do you see?

Pallywood Video: You Took The Words Right Out Of His Mouth

If you believe this, you are helping Hamas to continue murdering children.
Steny Hoyer US Congressman at press conference Israel

Israeli Flags, US Flags and What do you Call It Flags

Israeli flags, US flags and now 'what do you call it' flags

Hillary Clinton’s Great Hope

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reveals her great hope. And it doesn't involve Bill getting castrated

Another Casualty Of This War

Looks like Hillary's hair has been kept under an Iron Dome for a week

Here’s Hoping It’s Not A Doodle Of Muhammad

Hillary shows off her creative side

Hillary Gets Her Freak On

That moment when you awkwardly dance for the cameras, and have one of the locals gyrate against your crotch

Photo of The Day

Shimon and Hillary
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